Happily ever After…???

I always was intrigued about the term ‘Happily Ever After’. I am an undoubtedly big fan of pathetic romantic movies where a cute looking hero would fall in love with a beautiful looking girl, fight through all the odds and finally get married with a nice song played at the last. I really love that… Continue reading Happily ever After…???


Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

These are a set of new earring I purchased on Saturday. Price: Rs. 99/- (INR) From: Archies Local Store Now this is like really delicate for me. I am in love with these.


Challenge Three – Succeeded by Me!

I just read WordPress Daily prompt Challenge – Write anything without using Three-letter words. Is it actually possible to write such a thing without using a three letter word? Maybe it is. I think I need to improve my vocabulary to quite some extent.   So, today my Team Leader happened to extend my Certification,… Continue reading Challenge Three – Succeeded by Me!