The Messy-Organized Girl

There’s one thing about organizing things - ‘It is messed-up’. If you understand that statement, we can be friends. No! Really! I have a best friend who is a ‘cleanliness’ freak and a mother who loves my best friend for the same. Sadly, my own blood - ‘my brother’ is surprisingly clean and organized. On… Continue reading The Messy-Organized Girl


‘Haste makes Waste’ – Arranged Marriage Dilemma

Meeting new people and learning new things isn’t something I have always been doing. But lately, after I have involved myself a bit too much on my blog I have added blogger friends and I have exchanged numbers with a few. It's good to discuss things that motivates you and fascinates. I have been on… Continue reading ‘Haste makes Waste’ – Arranged Marriage Dilemma


Dating Older Guys: Pros And Cons

Today, I like to date the one who is more of a MAN than a BOY! Maybe it’s because as and when I grow up my preferences would go up. Yes I like the man with the stubble look, bit busy with work, listening to music and watching movies I would never relate to and… Continue reading Dating Older Guys: Pros And Cons