This is not exactly the format how I have kept my A to Z Challenge posts.  Anyway,  today was a rough day!  As they say,  at time should have a bump in the road!  This was one of those days.  To start with,  I was expecting a job offer from a company where I was… Continue reading Lonely


Random Little Rant

We are called 'social' animals for a reason. We human beings tend to fall in love, hate someone, spend our time crying and laughing. There are so many emotions that we have. The strongest emotion is LOVE.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

  I love taking snaps in a way that it looks too natural, and for a real natural picture, it has to be natural. Well this one was taken last year on my trip to Bangalore. This picture is really close to me because it was taken on my birthday.   The lonely man sitting… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary