Cross and Grey exists?

Christian Grey and Gideon Cross are mere illusions... I am well aware of it but being the dorky types I believe what book have in them.  Reading and I goes hand in hand. I can survive without movies but reading…? It is next to impossible. And I am not at all ashamed of saying: “I… Continue reading Cross and Grey exists?


Books are Everyone’s Best Friend…

The other after this post, I have received not much but about 50 e-mails. Some people have suggested some real good things while some have made me feel good by saying how much they liked my work. Some of them have also criticized my writing and have given me some suggestions.   One of my… Continue reading Books are Everyone’s Best Friend…


A Note from the Chaotic Diary: Art!

  A blank page is something I have never liked. As a kid, I used to scribble on them, as a teenager I used to make hearts and now as an adult I write on them. A blank page, actually a blank word document is a nightmare for anyone who aspires to be a writer… Continue reading A Note from the Chaotic Diary: Art!