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Ghosting: Side effect of Abandonment Issues

I have spoken to multiple men on dating apps and have shamelessly ghosted them. Some of them were really the good one’s too. There were days when I gave it a lot of thought, “Why am I ghosting these guys?” The only response I got from the inner voice was “Abandonment Issues”. I have always… Continue reading Ghosting: Side effect of Abandonment Issues


The break-up reality!

I am sure a lot of my readers have noticed that I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis. Give me a death sentence! No like seriously! I have been cheating on blogging with sleeping. This is not the first time that I have mentioned it on my blog that I have a hectic travelling… Continue reading The break-up reality!


Marital Rape: Short Story

SERIOUS PLEA: Honestly, read it only if you have time. Read it till the end, people! “Hello” said Maya on the phone. “How are you?” replied her mother. Maya wiped her tears and said, “Yeah Ma, I am fine. How are you?” “I am fine. Are you planning to come to Mumbai this month?” replied… Continue reading Marital Rape: Short Story


Hate These Signs…..

Its Training Room Number 6 this time…  GOD!!! It is so not done… why is  it me everytime??? Now its so clear that god lovess me so much… and I know I look very pretty when I cry and that’s the only reason why he loves to see me cry… I know I look very… Continue reading Hate These Signs…..