Men See; We Read!

Men see, We Read! Last one week I have been losing my mind over a typical kind of men and women. People here are so judgemental that one can be a criminal by reading something ‘unusual’. I might be generalizing everyone here, but this is how it is. I can say about India and not… Continue reading Men See; We Read!


Dude Get a Life and Move on – Please!

‘What?’ I said after hearing what Mr. Self-Obsessed had to say. Let me introduce you to Mr. Self- Obsessed. I have mentioned about him in this post earlier. Well he is nothing but a badass who knows the all the roads of Mumbai and is quite tall. He wears custom-made clothes, belts, SHOES! (I wonder… Continue reading Dude Get a Life and Move on – Please!


Love Matters?

I have completed reading “Fifty Shades Of Grey” and have relished the book to the core. This book is obviously reminding me of one person in particular but again as Christian Grey has Fifty Shades, it reminds me of a little bit of every man in my life. I know I haven't played  a fair… Continue reading Love Matters?