Off my List…

There are types of men who get attracted to nerd but hot girls.   The ‘nerd but hot girl’, here is ME - Of course. Shh… Don’t laugh. I am a nerd. 😉   It’s a good thing when hot men get attracted to Nerd but Hot Girls (NBHG). But do you think it is… Continue reading Off my List…



Dedicated  to my Core Trainer- Voice and Accent Trainer and all the other Voice and Accent Trainers: Too many books to read and no time!!! It is so not done!!! Well NO I am not writing anything on books today, rather this post is all about INDIANISM!!! Many people reading this wouldn’t know what is… Continue reading INDIANISM, not WRONG but INAPPROPRIATE!!!


The Wait for the Poems!!!

I have written many blogs and most of them is dedicated to ONE MAN…. And he knows it very well… well its good to write about him and for him because when I write it and proof read it, I have a smile on my face thinking of him smiling when he reads it… this… Continue reading The Wait for the Poems!!!