New Life Update

30 days of everyday writing experience is always a feel good factor. Now that April is over, my lazy blogger…

Year Ending post 4: Blogging Goals, 2016

Blogging is a lot of fun, but believe me it takes a lot of effort and dedication.

Call Me, Maybe!

My phone has seen more tears in my eyes than my boyfriend has. It has heard more of the crappy talks and has witnessed all the gossip I’ve had with my best friend.

My Dream Writing Room

The color theme of the room will be gray, white and maybe a hint of pink here and there.

Sweet Sixteen!!!

Love comes in different ways and we need to accept love, that is when love will stay with us.

Five Must Haves In a Deserted Island

I am a bong, I live for food. And we’re born good cooks!

Good Old Days: The Barter System

Did the Title of the Post remind you of school? Do you remember the old Indian Traditions as per the History…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

These are a set of new earring I purchased on Saturday. Price: Rs. 99/- (INR) From: Archies Local Store Now…

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