How to Get over your Ex-Lover!

  Few days back I saw a dream that I am making love to Bradley Cooper. Yeah it was hot and steamy and so real. It is simply normal for me to see such dreams with super hot men. Well I thought the dream would bring some good news, if not Bradley then something near… Continue reading How to Get over your Ex-Lover!


Matrimonial Bliss – Everywhere!

By the way, can you smell something…? ((Sniff… sniff…. Sniff))…. Hmm… well it’s the smell of the Matrimonial Bliss. Everyone around – I LITERALLY MEAN EVERYONE is getting married. Why is there this sudden craze for marriage? Oh! Oh!… don’t take me wrong! I love marriages and the things related to it like, - clothes,… Continue reading Matrimonial Bliss – Everywhere!