Chapter 13

Maya was back from her flashback. It was two in the night; she woke up Shiv and reminded that he has a flight at four. Maya was getting dressed to see off Shiv at the airport. Shiv entered the room and said, “I don’t want to leave you.” Maya looked at him through the mirror… Continue reading Chapter 13


Chapter Five

For a few moments, Maya went back in the past and thought of the early morning memory she had with Shiv. Shiv was getting high with the closeness of Maya. They broke the hug and he didn’t take too long to touch his lips to hers. Shiv and Maya closed their eyes and cherished the… Continue reading Chapter Five


Chapter 10. The Runaway Writer

Shubhro left after an hour of beer sipping and girly talks. Maya was now left all by herself in her new apartment. She was excited. She felt she was drunk. She was now searching for her mobile but couldn’t find it around. She fell asleep on the floor of her drawing room. Maya woke up… Continue reading Chapter 10. The Runaway Writer