Is your Relationship going through a Rough Patch?

When you are in a relationship and feel alone there could be a really coerce impact on your mind.  Most of the people do not look at the emotional pain of their partner.  If a person loves you and forgives you every time, that doesn't mean your partner is a fool, it means she loves… Continue reading Is your Relationship going through a Rough Patch?


Random Little Rant

We are called 'social' animals for a reason. We human beings tend to fall in love, hate someone, spend our time crying and laughing. There are so many emotions that we have. The strongest emotion is LOVE.


Maya: Autophobia Phase…

  One sided love is very common… there are people who love the other but are too scared of denial and hence don’t confess their feelings… its not only girls who have one sided love but also boys… at times they just are scared of denial at times they are just waiting for the other… Continue reading Maya: Autophobia Phase…