The Black and White Effect!!!

color caravan
are colors important???

Colors are very attractive and it brings gives joy on one’s face. Most of us love the colors like vibrant reds, blues; greens etc. When a child is sad we give him some candies or balloons, again Colorful!!!

I was just wondering while looking at my beads, that though I am not the color lover, still most of the things I have all the best colors in it. Well life is all about colors. A thing is colorful but, rather a person. Are you colorful?? Are you joyous? Are you happy?

In life it’s very difficult for people to be happy but rather it’s easy to find happiness in the smallest thing. Now that is colorful!!! Besides writing, I also like photography, not a master in either but writing being my first love and photography on the third… I usually like clicking black and white pictures rather than the colorful ones. I find it more striking and more effective. My camera has gone for servicing so cant post the pictures now but the beads on this post is being clicked while wondering.

I want to be colorful in life, but black and white colors too, rite??? They are right. Well a person being ‘black and white’ indicates, a person being closed, introvert, pessimist. But that ain’t bad rite? Well I consider myself as a ‘black and white’ person as I am an introvert; I am a close book…. It is not very easy to know about me when u first meet me… so about people who are the colorful types, they are more jovial. Not that the grey shad people are boring, but they are close to very few but totally devoted to that few.

I have friends who are so colorful in nature that they can make friends in no minute, while me on the other hand m so grayish, that it takes around a year for me to make friends…. Well not those grayish are nerds but rather they like to be more within themselves, while the others are more within the group. I do remember about this party from my college, where all were having fun and I was busy reading a novel.

Well being colorful, is great, indeed!! But as said earlier black and whites are colors too!!!!

Keep blogging and reading!!!


The Crazy Book Lover!!!

Why love is always coupled with the person who is either our lover or spouse??? Love is even between mother and daughter, father and son, best friends, brother and sister and so on. There are many people, better to our so called soul mate in our lives!!!Whenever a love song is played on the TV set or radio or somewhere down the street, why does one thinks,” I wish my sweetheart (spouse/lover) was here!!!” Why don’t we think about our parents or siblings or friends?


Well there are many people I love like my mom, my brother, my friends, a lot of of them… Though there is no one special yet as they say!!! But yeah, I do love all of them and don’t hesitate in saying “I Love You” to all those whom I love in reality.

Well apart from people there are some places, some things I really love… it sounds a bit girlish, I know, but I am a girl n proud tobe one!!! So love for me isn’t limited to moving creatures but also for the non living creature, though for me everything has got a life, rather a story… I believe that everything, every small damn thing has a story in itself.

The thing I love the most is my mini library… I just love it and can spend my entire day in my mini library just reading and writing. It isn’t weird, rite when you love something inanimate? As said, ‘Books are our Best Friends’, indeed they are! I mean for a musician his musical instrument is something he loves, for a photographer, his camera, the same way for a writer and a crazy reader, books are something they love. I am so sure that most of the people out here will agree that books are our best friends, aren’t they?


They never fight with us; they never bawl at us, they never get upset this is what people usually think. But for me my books do brawl with me, I mean can you ever imagine a relationship without a fight, a squabble, and a wrangle??? It would be so bland, I mean the relationship. Same way my books do get angry when I don’t read them, when I don’t clean my library or just ignore some books for others. I don’t know about other book lovers here, but I do feel a connection between my books and me.

Well when I started typing this piece of work, I thought I would write on relationships between someone other than that of lovers, I mean some human relationship, but rather I just got carried away with the flow and it took a twist all of a sudden. Well that is what I love about Writing!!!

Anyways guys it’s too late now for me 2 be awake and write more but would certainly be back tomorrow. If I wait for another post, then surely my mom’s gonna kill me!!! 😉 lolzzz….. So guys keep reading n keep blogging!!!

The Bird without Wings

Birds fly freely and enjoy their ride in the open sky. Today while looking outside the window of my classroom I was sort of jealous of the birds. I wish I could also be as free as them. Obviously I know that it is not possible to fly, nor do I want to but being free without any clutches holding me.

Being born in India, we the teenagers often are bound to a few things like getting home on time or eating the typical home made food. Even in India there are people who are no more dependent on their parents. But it is difficult to say to our parents that, “Ma I wanna move out!!!” If I say this oh gosh! I am gonna be kicked out saying. “You are free to go; go get lost!”


But I don’t want to be thrown out of home but yes want to live by my own in my own apartment, making food for myself, coming home at a time where no one would take any objection. I know there would be hardships to face. But as any other youth around me I want to earn my own bread and butter. Most of the Indian youth , today, if asked to move out and live on their own, they would say,” yes!!!”, at least the one’s who wants to be independent would want to move out.

When told my grandfather about youth moving out after graduation, his face had a sarcastic smile and he cynically stared at me. I knew what his opinion about youth moving out is. Being independent is the dream of every youth, isn’t it? I know one can be independent even by staying with your folks but what’s the harm in Moving out??? Nothing right!!! It’s not like, one wanna break all the relation and just move on, rather it’s finding yourself and getting to know more about the outer world!!!


In India, a person is a child even after he has a child… You know what I mean??? Even a middle aged person would go running to his parents if he has some crises. It’s good, but to some extent. Freedom is something we got years ago then why not the youth of today gets freedom too??

Is it much to ask for??? Well many think this opinion of mine as a bold step and they also think that I don’t love my mom, I mean come on!!! I love her and would be in touch always but… anyway as an Indian youth I would still wait for her permission to let me move out!! The post is not really about moving out but about freedom!!! Why can’t one have a freedom to do what they want to?

Many people think this is some kinda trend that I want to follow, but it’s not about the trend!!! And as it is I am not the trend follower; rather I am the trend setter for many… So it’s not about following the trend but a bout following your heart.


Well I would be seeking for a permission and then move out, but even if I don’t; I would certainly be independent, wouldn’t I??? Yup I would, indeed!!! Anyway on an ending note, keep blogging keep reading!!!


Thought a lot over brunch, “How do I like my eggs?” this question was repeatedly asked by Ike Graham (Richard Gere) which left Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) flabbergasted in the movie Runaway Bride… she didn’t knew how she liked her eggs? This was my deliberation the entire day, “how do I like my eggs?” I have scrambled eggs when I am all by my self, thinking wish I had made a nice puffy omelet and if I am eating an omelet then I would be in awe – why not a nice and light boiled egg or a rich and stomach filling French toast. I like my eggs as the people around me likes it just like our Runaway Bride. Perhaps this just means that I am too confused in life.

Confusion crops up when there are more than one way road in front of us. I habitually get confused on the simplest decision on, “Which road should I take to the college?” Perplexities make a youth’s life. I have never given a thought to what kind of dresses do I like wearing? Or what kind of shoes I like? Or the simplest of all what kind of eggs do I like? Grew up as my dad’s princess and never thought of facing the world all by myself. But I had to, in fact everyone has to. It’s difficult for a geek to go and manage everything by them. But well, I am managing it quite well. Though I am no more a geek now!!!

I never was sure about a career or any profession that I would take up, I am not so sure about it still. But have finally apprehended that I love to pen my feelings. I love to write. But many tell me that this can’t be taken up as a career. Maybe they’re right or maybe they’re wrong. I am confused in everything I do. When I have too many options I think, “Which one’s good?” or “which one’s bad?” I never get it clear that, “This is what I want!!!”

Well I think perplexity or rather I would say CONFUSION is something, everyone of my age would be suffering!!! People do have confusion in what to wear, what not to wear? What to eat and what not? Whom to talk? What to talk? What to write? What to say? It goes on…… confusion is not only faced by the youth but also by the mid-aged people (parents, teachers, bosses etc.) confusion makes us, as said earlier, a youth’s life wouldn’t be complete without confusion. I mean imagine, if u get things right; life would be so boring…. And I doubt anyone wants a boring life. So I am going to enjoy my perplexities in someway… n would blog about the way when I get one 😉 lozzzz

And yeah, I still didn’t figure out, “How do I like my eggs??!!??” 😉

Keep reading and writing guys!!

Expect the Unexpected!!!

Sometimes it feels excellent when the most unexpected thing happens to you. Sometimes life gives you nothing or also takes away, the given; but sometimes it gives us the unasked!!! It brings a broad smile on your face and you start talking to yourself in pleasure. Happens to you too right?

Well it happened to Maya one night. She just smiled back at the computer and was talking to herself and then smiling again on realizing that she just spoke to herself. Maya’s friend was abroad for work and she used to miss him a lot as they spent most of their time talking to each other. Maya missed him even more as she couldn’t meet him the last time before he left and besides they didn’t meet since the last five months as he was busy with work.

By the way about Maya, let me tell you something more about her: she had stunning eyes though wasn’t the most fine-looking girl in the town. She was a typical ‘nerd’ and used to spend most of her time reading or writing. The best place to find her if she wasn’t at home was the nearest book store or a café. She had an average body with a short height. She used to wear big glasses, which used to hide her attractive eyes.

She never believed that she would ever fall in love or someone would fall in love with her. She used to read romantic novels and used to dream that a prince would come and kiss her and take her away from all her problems to some wonderland. She never was interested in guys as such and never where the guys too interested about her, except for the times when they required her notes or needed her help to complete a project.

One day while on internet, she met a guy online, who was quite charismatic in his talks and thoroughly daunted Maya. They started chatting a lot on net and also on texts. And one fine day they decided to meet. So this is how Maya and this guy met and became good friends. He was almost 6-7 years older to him and that is what impressed Maya. He just made her feel that she was the most beautiful girl. Yeah, he made her feel like a girl.

Maya couldn’t meet this guy before he left for his work trip that would get over in about 6-7 months, or maybe more. Maya had some feelings for him. I mean anyone would after talking all day long with one particular guy. Maya had now changed a bit in her looks, though didn’t get rid of those huge specks of hers. But while he was away for some days already and had sent no reply at all to all those mails she sent him, Maya thought that he being a Casanova and a charming guy would have forgotten her. Though she wasn’t sure that she was in love, but with all these thought it seemed like she was. Although she never knew what’s on his mind. She never asked him…

The guy was quite matured in age as well as in looks, but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Maya considered him totally flawless, though he was quite plump and had been a flirt all his life and well many people have flaws so do I and Maya and even u but that doesn’t mean that one cannot fall in love. He had the charm to get any girl he wants.

Well anyway, one night, while Maya was busy doing her project; and GMAIL was logged on, on another page. Suddenly, something came to Maya’s mind and she just went on the GMAIL tab and she could see her friend online!!! It was like after quite sometime she saw him online and was so blissful and she started talking to herself. She sent him a “HI”. She was so not sure if he would reply? Or does he remember her yet? And then he sent her a reply with the same words… and Maya was happy as never had been. They spoke for sometime not much, but this moment was been included in Maya’s ‘happiest moments’, though she has very few happy moments but another to her list.

Same way, like Maya, many of us have such happy thoughts. I might publish one of mine someday on this blog; but right now it’s all about Maya. Though Maya feels she is an ordinary girl, but for a writer her character is never just an ordinary person, so for me my character Maya is an extra-ordinary girl. And I would be publishing some more stories on Maya. Some maybe from the current time while some about her past.

The 2 Generationzzz!!!

today while on the way to my college i realised that in life making new acquaintances isn’t a big deal…. welll i actually missed my train n so was walking back home and saw so many unknown faces… some of them looking at me as if i m a murderer while sum r looking @ me with a big grin o ntheir face.. with such cold weather in mumbai anyone wud like walking lonely with music onn… i took the longer route to my home n it felt good… not much crowd on the road in fact almost lonely roads with some ladies standing with their children n waiting for the school bus..

i was about to cross the road just wen a small girl came to me asked me whether i cud help her cross the road. at that moment i thought that this was the same thing i used 2 do while was a kid and my mom used 2 send me 2 bring sumthng. i used 2 go to uncles and aunties n ask them 2 help me cross.. i helped the girl crossing and she waved back at me with a nice refreshing smile. Her smile was too cute n i must admit that a person’s heart is known by the eyes and smile. i took the lane that wud lead to my frnd’s house, although he dsnt live there anymore but thr r some roads u just cant frget…

while walking there i saw this old couple who had come fr da morning walk. they were arguing with each other bt wen the old woman was abt 2 fall the old man caught her hand tightly… it was a sweet thng indeed!!! i just stopped by the juice centre to have sumthng n the old couple joined me there. the lady gave me a look as if i m her lost long enemy while da old man greeted me as if i was his grand daughter. obviously they reminded me of my grandparents who always keep on fighting but love each other the most. while waiting fr my juice, the old man asked me abt my college and career… i replied back by asking him a few questions abt his work and family… i was amazed to know that even in his 70’s he works. not literally, but he does the ‘data entry’ kinda home based jobs and his wife makes tiffins. he said, “v dont work for earning bread butter, cuz i get my pension and so does my wife and we can spend the entire life by living on it. but indeed we do this to keep ourselves busy so that v dnt miss our son who no longer is staying with us”.

and bamm!!! it was like anyother old person’s story in india…. i asked him whr is his son and he said proudly that,”he is in the US, with his wife and children”. their son, i mean the old couple’s son doesnot call them except for new year’s. it is sad bt its good to see that they r not crying over it n goin into depression cuz of dis. rather they’r facing it gracefullly. well i later on came to know that they r bengali’s(bongs, as i call them, i mean us) and wen i told him that i am a bong too he was so happpy, well its a typical reaction wen a bong meets another bong,,,

well then our roads parted and i continued my journey to my home with 2 thoughts at that time. firstly about the child who is so dependent in the beginning, secondly the old couple who live their life gracefully fighting, loving, working and without their only son!!! i actually saw 2 generations today…

The Texting Trend!!!

The youth like me have a propensity to follow the popular trend going on. We, the youth, like to have an trouble-free life, not that we are petrified of challenges or uphill struggle but by ‘trouble-free’, I mean, a more quicker life where it can be easy for them to be in touch with others.

I remember my dad used to use ‘pager’ where my mom used to keep messages for him, in case required. Today, texting or rather most commonly used as smsing’ has become so common that no one can literally stay without it. Maybe it is because of the ‘free sms schemes’ initiated by the telecommunication companies. Being in contact has become so easy these days. More than being in contact; it’s all about addiction lately. It’s an addiction among the youth to keep texting.

Today morning on my way to college, while I just texted my friend that I would reach college in the next 15minutes, and I just took my train to my college. In the train there were few women, but all of them were busy texting on their mobile phones. There was this girl wearing a pretty black kurti and jeans. Well I liked her kurti; whatever… she came to my notice because, while reading her sms, she was smiling profusely.

Well these days text chatting has become so common that everyone at least in Mumbai keeps on doing it. I mean even the Bollywood has become an addict of the ‘Text Chatting’ which eventually becomes, ‘Texting’.

My mom is tired of me sticking to the mobile all day. I just can’t leave it anywhere. It’s not like I have a guy, who would keep texting me, but still I don’t like anyone reading my text, no one does like it, right? So well going back to the Texting thing, its one of the most convenient and affordable thing. Easy to be in touch with anyone and it doesn’t interrupts you at work… you can always be in a meeting and reply through a text (that’s what a friend of my does!!!), I keep texting while in lecture, so its kind of easy n fun!!!

So let’s keep the trend on and let’s keep texting…

Remembered Always

To remember someone special has become indeed a habit,
When will I forget him God Damn it!
He comes in my dreams whenever I sleep,
Tells me every night,” Why do you weep?”

No answer to his questions that he murmurs every night,
I try to hold him tight but he’s often out of sight.
I know he’ll never come back to me,
Never again;
But can’t remove him out of my heart and brain

When my tears shed like waterfall.
I know very well that my eyes turn small
People say,” I love him.”
May be I do.

But I know just one thing
I am one but my heart is two;
One is mine the other’s his
Who comes in my dreams and give me a kiss!!

The 45 Minutes

The 45 minutes of a lecture in college is the most fascinating time in a student’s life. For some, it means gossiping about something like a new dress or a new TV show for some girls while FIFA updates for boys… there are some students who work in BPO night shifts and for them this 45 minutes is like the ‘sleep of lifetime’. The other types of students are the book-worms types who take the 45 minutes so seriously that they complete notes and pay full attention in what the professor say!

These 45 minutes for me is the most enjoyable moment if I had  my best friend with me. Alas! The college cannot see me be happy, so the year before they had drew a border line between me and my best friend. They divided us into two different divisions. Now, in my last year of college, I don’t have my best friend with me and now the entire 45 minutes have changed for me…

I sit all alone on my bench, happy when no one sits with me and I really get annoyed when some one does. Today, it was a free 45 minutes lecture. I was just sitting on my bench and scribbling on a page, and then I thought of writing something just when all the chit-chatting of the entire class was falling on my ears. It all seemed to be so alienated. The mixed language and mixed up tones and topics are the most difficult thing to understand, trust me!

Usually when I sit in the 45 minutes lecture, I find my self staring at the professor’s shirt’s brand or the accessories the lady teachers are wearing. Or just find myself noting down what the professor’s saying with completely no idea what it is! I asked my friend in the break, whether she feels the same and she said, “Yes!” I asked a few more unfortunate people like me who are being separated from their friends and to my happiness; I wasn’t the only odd one out!!!

A 45 minutes lecture with no best friend around is the worst 45 minutes, trust me!!! But as every coin has two parts, after the 45 minutes lecture is over and when we head towards the corridor to meet our friend its like the happiest feeling as if it has been a lifetime. But end of the day we have to eventually realize that life isn’t the 45 minutes, instead after college no one stays in touch in person just keep face-booking… still the 45 minutes with or without your best friend is the most interesting part…

Enjoy it!!! Cherish it!!!

The Lonely Love

Walking down the street alone,

Saw a leaf fallen below a stone,

Dry was the leaf,

Easy to flee;

But the love of the stone didn’t let thee!

Came a lad, picked up the stone,

By the time the leaf was gone,

Waited the stone for the love of his life,

For the loner leaf the world was a knife.

Went the leaf from one place to other,

Searching for its supporter,

Lost the hope, perched on a stone

Then realized it was THE stone…

The Sobbing Girl

A toddler girl crying
Image via Wikipedia

Drop by drop the tears fall,

I don’t know whom the hell to call,

People say I have an attitude,

When I stay quiet, they say I’m rude.

Pompous is the word people use for me,

Without even feeling poignant for me,

They always see the dire things I do

But guys I have done some good things too.

Proud for what should I be,

No father, No mother, no brother to go and weep

I know my temper is high,

But is this the way you make your child cry?

Silly was I to do some good,

Becoming mature in my childhood,

Never enjoyed a day out with friends,

Never knew what’s the trend.

Drop by drop the tears fall,

I don’t know whom the hell to call,

People say I have an attitude,

When I stay quiet, they say I’m rude.


the social networking sites

now a days, sociAl netWorking siteS have become so common. every child on the street talks about Twitter and Facebook…. although its a nice gateway to old frnds n relatives… people do be in touch with these netwrking sites bt sumtimes ppl r diffrnt in ‘chatrooms’… i knw this friend of mine who goes all blaah blaaah on facebook but wen v meet in college she is da quietest girl ever… mayb its just a getaway for her!!!

my cousin who never used to talk actually says,”wassup?” these days…. tRANSFORMATION…. welll talking abt transformations, i myself hav transformed a lot since being introduced to facebook n twitter!!! i knw dat dis tranfrmation is a big surprise 2 all my frnds and cousins or rather a shock to them!!! 😉

well wateva it is… social netwrkin sites hav now becum a part of our lives n helps in connecting ppl frm far off!! so atlst i m lovin’ it!!

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