Why did I begin blogging?

It is a Wednesday morning and I woke up early with a bad rahther worst tummy pain. It could be…

Self Interview: Completing A To Z Challenge

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Everything About My Love Life

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 5: E Theme: Relationship Summary: This post…

20 Shades of Chaotic Soul

How funny is it to write down things about you or an entity of yours. Chaotic Soul has been mine…

In Conversation with Shrabani Kolay

In the series 'In Conversation With...' my first guest is someone whom I have known for 10 years and a…

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Its that time of the year when there are nominations and winnings. I really love this time of the year. I…

An Interview with Ashmita Chatterjee – A versatile blogger

First Interview with Femme Time… Awesome Fun!

Femme Time

The Chaotic Soul

I met this 21 year old girl in 2011 and for a very brief time we worked together in an organization. The young and vibrant Ashmita Chatterjee is not someone who would not be noticed even in a crowd of people. She introduced me to WordPress in 2011 and that’s how I ventured into the world of blogging. I have been following her blog for a long time now. I can write endlessly about the Ashmita I know. She is vivacious and bold. She is intense about things she believes in. She is a talented blogger who aspires to write a book someday. Her youthful exuberance is simply contagious.

Ashmita Chatterjee

Today, I am very excited to share my first interview with my readers.

So here I am, in conversation with Ashmita Chatterjee of chaoticsoulzzz.wordpress.com.

Hello Ashmita, tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog. 

Hi Shilpa, I am…

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