Maya Ghoshal, The Runaway Writer

Maya Ghoshal is The Runaway Writer, the female protagonist of this fictional story-blog. Maya is from Kolkata, India. Maya belongs to an upper-middle class Bengali family and is the only child to the Ghoshal couple. She loves reading books and writing. She is a content writer by profession. She has been living in Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.

Maya is short in height and a little plump. She has big Bengali eyes. She loves wearing comfortable clothes. She finds herself too attractive.

In this series, she will be travelling to many places. She has studied Literature and has a unique love for food. Maya is ‘selectively social’ aka she doesn’t like making a lot of friends.

Maya wishes to publish a book of her own, one day. She is in love with Shiv and engaged too.

Shiv Chatterjee

Shiv is the male protagonist of this fictional story-blog. Shiv lives in Kolkata and is Maya’s neighbour in Kolkata. They are childhood friends. He is also the main love interest of Maya’s and they got engaged in the recent chapters. Shiv has a chain of restaurants that he runs. He lives with Maya in Pune, when he is in town.

Shiv is tall, way too taller than Maya. He gets a dimple on his left cheek when he smiles. He has studied MBA. He is usually formally dressed. He has a lean body.

Shiv loves Maya a lot. Shiv is too good with Maya’s friends and family.

Shubhro Das

Shubhro is Maya’s very good friend. Shubhro loves to write and is a good photographer. Shubhro is gay and is not hiding his sexuality. Shubhro and Maya have been together ever since Maya had gone to Mumbai for the first time.

Shubhro usually wears a lot of colours. He is tall, wears specs and has a great sense of fashion.

Joydeep Bhattacharya

Joydeep was Maya’s first boss in Mumbai. He is the editor and also has his own publishing house. He is well-established. Maya looks up to Joydeep as she has learnt a lot from him.

Joydeep is Shubhro’s height, has a beard and wears specs. He looks a little nerdy.

Ganesh Prabhu

Ganesh is Maya’s current boss in Pune. Ganesh is very professional and loves punctuality. He talks to Maya only on a professional level.

Ganesh is short, almost Maya’s height. He loves his work and is successful.

Vishal Singh

Vishal Singh was Maya’s love interest at one point. She met Vishal when she came to Mumbai. She was renting his apartment. Maya lost her virginity to him and thought that she loved him. Vishal turned out to be engaged, then. He considered Maya as a one night stand.

Vishal is Joydeep’s business partner in the publishing business.

Vishal is a tall and lean man with extremely good looks.

Pranshu Iyer

Pranshu is the biggest and newest client of Maya’s boss. He owns a Baby care product in New York. He is very successful and loves Maya’s writing skills.

He is taller than Maya, but not so tall. He is formally dressed.

Shyama Ghosh

Shyama is Maya’s best friend. Shiv, Maya and Shyama were neighbours and good friends as kids. Shyama left home for Paris when she was 18 to pursue modelling. She is very successful in her career. She lives out of the suitcase with a lot of modelling assignments.

She is beautifully tall and has long hair. She talks in Sarcasm. She doesn’t believe in love.