Which bucket are you in?

This world is made up of many elements. The human race has different kind of people. We have some conventional human beings while some unconventional. Who decides to put whom in which bucket? It is the set rule book that no one has ever seen.

Growing up in an Indian Middle-Class household had its perks and downsides. I was born in the 1990 which may sound old now, but was pretty progressive for my parents who were born in 1960s. As a kid, I never had my own opinion on things. I used to think a lot and write a lot. I started reading books pretty early on and that took me to another Universe. I had this imaginary land where things were exactly how I liked it. As a teenager, I started developing opinions about things. I took a few decisions for myself that a lot of people may call Unconventional.
I was born with a high-decibel voice – ‘High’ for a girl, if I were a boy, it would have been too low, that means every time I talk, people ask me to talk softly. My loud voice is appreciated as a leader, but not as a girl. My loud voice is appreciated when trying to get a refund from customer service, but not when I am talking about how we lack sex education in our society.
A lot of my classmates from school, college and workplace are getting married and that is tagged as ‘Conventional’. I having an opinion about marriage and wedding and life-partner is considered unconventional.  My writing skill is appreciated on a birthday post, but not when I talk about Mental Health.
The ‘never-seen’ rule book of the society has put me into the unconventional bucket. What if I come out of the bucket and try to change the label of the bucket to Conventional? From where I look at the world, I feel everyone is unique. Some are well-spoken, while some outspoken. Some do not fear talking about sex in front of their parents, while some do not talk about it even after getting married. Saying ‘this is the correct way of behaving’ is the worst thing ever. Honestly, there is no ONE way of behaving.
Let’s take the time out of our precious lives and appreciate everyone around us for who they really are.
Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

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