Announcement – 2021

I have been using my blog more like an outlet of my anger and emotions, than something to help someone out there. Today was one such day, I wanted to let out my anger but I stumbled upon the ‘Search Term’ feature of WordPress. I realized for the first time that my blog is used by a lot of people who are having relationships issues. Is someone taking advises from my blog? Is it really helping someone out there? Are there more like me outside in the real world?
First of all, Hello to all my new readers and people who stumbled upon my blog from Google trying to search ‘Block Boyfriend’. Believe it or not this is how people are coming to my blog. This is the search term mostly used to reach ChaoticSoulzzz. The most read blog post is THIS.
I am going to manage to write some posts on the basis of the search terms and if you came here just to figure out if you should block your boyfriend or no, you can also click on the follow button to your right.**Cheekily Smiling**
I’d also like to send my special hello to all my American, Indian and South African friends. These are the top regions where my blog is searched. I am hoping there isn’t much heart break around the world, but let’s try to make it easier for everyone.
Thank you for all your love and reads and clicks. This motivated me a lot.
I am highly active on Instagram and would love to see some of y’all there too. If you follow me there, do drop a comment here with your Instagram handle and I would check out your profile as well.


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!


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