5 Things you will experience in a ‘Long Term’ One-Sided Relationship

“One sided relationships are strong.”
We have heard this several times – in movies, novels and TV Series. A couple of your friends might have also told you how toxic the one-sided relationship can be. Are they wrong? Is it toxic? Is it worth it?
Let’s call ‘One Sided Relationship’ – OSR from this point onward. OSR is one of the types of relationships, the other and most rare is a ‘Long Term Relationship’ – LTR for this post. I love to read stories of people who have been together for years. Those cute videos of elderly couples kissing and dancing, they make my heart go all soft. A lot of people would want to be in a LTR and a few are into OSR.
What happens when you mix up OSR and LTR? DISASTER.
A long term one sided relationship is worse than an OSR and not a dime better than LTR. These are 5 things you will experience (good and bad) when in a long term one sided relationship.
  • Still Life: One of the major drawbacks of being in this relationship is your life will come to a halt. It will be still and you will be hung up on this one person. Every scroll on your Instagram post will remind you of them. You’d be 31 and not ready for a marriage because you can see your life only with this one person. How does it feel? TERRIBLE.
  • Imaginary Scenarios: This relationship will enhance and develop your imaginations. If you’d ever like to become a fictional writer, get yourself enrolled into this relationship. It will help you imagine situations you never knew could happen. One day you’d be the bride or groom to this person, the next day you could be stranded on your honeymoon. You could also imagine your proposal many times. Your children would be the ones right out of Pinterest. How does it feel? DREAMY.
  • Rescue shady situations: There are times at a new workplace, when a shady person tries to woo you and wants to have a normal relationship with you. To get away from such a situation, just say, “I am sorry. I already love someone.” You’re not lying, because you do love them. You are just not saying the whole truth, “I already love someone, but they don’t know about it.” This long term one sided relationship will always have your back, because it is a relationship you have committed too for two people. How does it feel? SAFE.
  • Unable to move on: The long term one sided relationship doesn’t let you move on in life. The reason is this relationship is in your head for a very long time and you have taken care of it all alone. The day you realize this has all been stupid and would like to move on. Unlike a normal relationship where you let go of a person and their memories, this one would want you to let go of the person in your head, the memories you have for both of y’all in your head and the real person who has no clue of how much they mean to you. You would need some memory eraser to get rid of this and actually move on. How does it feel? LONELY.
  • Zero dependability: In a long term one sided relationship there is just one person involved – You. Your thoughts and love for the other person is all within you. You wouldn’t be as weak and dependent on the person for a Netflix night and cuddle. You would do that in your own room, in your own imagination with your own or friend’s Netflix account. This person in your head will never ditch you because they depend on your imagination, not you. How does it feel? STRONG!
It isn’t easy being in an OSR, let alone in a long term one sided relationship. Imagine being in love with a person without them loving you back for almost 12-14 years. You’re stronger than you know if you have experienced this. Lots of love to the entire one sided lovers out there! Gather the guts and say it to the person – this will help you move on for real, I hope.
Thanks to everyone who are stumbling upon my blog from Google Searches for heartbreaks and blocking your lover. You are not alone dealing with heartbreak. I am here for each one of you.
Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself MORE!

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