The Opinionated Girl

If you felt The Indian Matchmaking was a little too harsh on Aparna, let me give you a reality check – Indian men and families would seldom like someone as opinionated as her.

People who’ve not watched the Indian Matchmaking show on Netflix, I’d recommend you guys not to but there’s a character in there called Aparna who is raised in USA by a single mother and is a lawyer and has an Indian heritage. She has crossed the age bar of 30 and ‘exactly knows what she wants in a guy’ plus she is highly opinionated. The other character in the show is the matchmaker herself, Sima Taparia from Mumbai who thinks Aparna is ‘negative’ and ‘stubborn’ for rejecting two or three guys but finds it okay and rewards the guy Pradhyuman with a chocolate who rejects almost 150 girls. It may sound absurd right now and we may think, “Naah this only happened on the show because they wanted to create drama.” It may have but it’s not false. This happens.
A girl with an opinion about things she likes or dislikes is considered to be ‘disrespectful’.
A girl who’d speak her mind can be called not so ‘soft-spoken’.
A girl should probably ‘forget’ about ‘freedom of speech and views’ in order to be happy.
Sounds way too unreasonable? It’s true.
These things are still been told to women in 2020, in a metropolitan city and by educated young men and sometimes by families who come to ‘select’ a girl for their son. Now this post is not a direct attack on a certain person. It is an attack on the views of our society.
I may be single because I have a big mouth, I stand up for myself, I can’t keep quiet when things go wrong, but again that’s me. Does that make me unlikable? Maybe it does.
Does that mean I should marry a guy who lives alone and not with his family? Maybe yes!
Am I not the type that can be introduced at home? Maybe I am not.
All these things are the ‘opinions’ of majority of people in the society. It is not the opinion of every single soul.
I get affected with such comments of people, mentally. I start self-judging myself, however, I realized today, men who don’t like an opinionated woman are usually scared of her power.
I certainly cannot be the traditional girl, who’d stay quiet when the whole world is wrong, but I am not the one who’d insult an elder even if they are at fault. I know my limits and that’s hard for people to understand. People who tend to have an opinion about my attitude forget that they’re being opinionated too, about how should I be!
Well, on that note, be careful and mindful of what you say.
Stay Safe! Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself! Keep your opinions high!
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