What’s a vacation to an INTROVERT?

The term ‘vacation’ is very different for me than my friends.

For me a vacation is relaxation, luxurious hotel rooms, and good food. I am not the adventurous types and going out for a vacation and exerting myself isn’t the idea I’d prefer. Some of my friends considers this boring because everyone has their own idea of a vacation. For some adventure, living in a tent, cooking their own food on a vacation seems to be the plan and that’s fine. I believe in one quote – To each its own.

My childhood plays an important part in the kind of vacations I prefer. My daddy was a planner. He booked hotels, train tickets, made an itinerary, made a list of things to pack. He made sure that on a vacation my mother shouldn’t be working at all. This was her getaway from the daily chores. He made sure we had booked cabs for our sightseeing. There was never a tab on shopping or food. We were allowed to eat and wear whatever we loved. There was no rule of getting up early in the morning to see a sunrise, he’d prefer we’d rather watch the sunset and enjoy it with a cup of tea.

By the grace of God and the hard work of my parents, I and my brother had quite a luxurious childhood. We never could’ve asked for anything better.

Dedicating this post to my father with whom I have had a rough relationship in my teenage years, here’s a list of things an introvert like me would like to do on a vacation:

  • Sleep in

Sleeping in on a vacation is the best thing one could ask for. The amazing air conditioned and clean room, the softest of the mattress and pillow can make any person to sleep in. Waking up a little late than usual does no harm when you are on a vacation.

  • Room Service

If you’re sleeping in late on a certain day on your vacation, room service is your best friend. When you plan a vacation, you should have one day to do nothing at all. That day you can sleep in, order food off the menu of the room service, get your room cleaned, and have beer by the pool. Room service for a breakfast, lunch and dinner is the most amazing thing you can ask for. Try it once.

  • Late Lunch

When I am on a vacation with my mom, we love indulging in late lunches. We like to go around the city, shop from the locals and find for some local food. On time lunches makes me feel as if I am still on some sort of schedule. We had been to Kolkata for my birthday, two years ago and we had a late buffet lunch. The amount of Bengali food we consumed and the sleep we had later, was the best thing you can ever experience.

  • Assigning one day to the best spot in the city

Every place has that one spot where you should be when you are on your vacation. Tiger Point when it comes to Lonavala, Victoria Memorial when it comes to Kolkata, One beach when it comes to Goa. When you’re planning your vacation’s itinerary have one day specifically for that special place. Your vacation shouldn’t be all hustle bustle. This is the time you take out of your daily life to pause and relax. You may do your sightseeing one day, but keep one day when you will spend at the special spot at leisure. Sit, read a book, take a nap, have lunch, tea and shop a little. Most importantly, sit and take in that moment all within you.

  • Save in advance to not be worried of the budget

We, middleclass people worry about the budget a lot when on a vacation. The last vacation I took with my friends to Goa had a very tight budget. In order to have that little more space, I made sure I had a little more than extra for those small luxuries.

  • Read a book

Vacation and reading books. I cannot emphasize more on how beautiful it is to read a book when you are on your vacation. The fictional land in the book will seem different when you are not imagining it in your daily life. Take a small novel. Buy a book from the used book store when you get to your location and sell it back when you are done reading. You don’t have to carry clutter, if you don’t want to.

By the way, I have an online store for used books. Browse and let me know if you want to place orders. You can also comment down and ask me for the books you need and I can let you know accordingly.

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  • Silent Shopping

Retail therapy is something me and my best friend recommends to every single living soul on this planet. On a vacation, I love silent shopping. I don’t want people who are with me to tell me what to buy and what not to. I’d like an egg roll in my hand while I am browsing through stores and buying something I’d like. I like it when shopping feels like a therapy and not a task.

Vacation this year is next to impossible, however, there’s no harm in reliving those days. Comment below and tell me what kind of vacations you desire.

Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Love Thyself!


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