Shhh! Don’t say Depression

I was told by a lot of people to not discuss about my mental health on Social Media. Here’s my take on it:

1. It may look too desperate:
It is desperate. Sometimes a post like this is a cry for help. We judge now and later post things like ‘Why didn’t he/she talk to me about it? I’m here.’ there comes a time in everyone’s life wherein they seem desperate, and it’s okay! Share what you feel. You are letting your heart bleed and it is essential.
2. People won’t really care:
Honest Truth – 99% people wouldn’t care. It is a fact. The question is do you care for yourself? If yes, go ahead and share.
3. People may judge you before dating you considering you for a job or even before a ‘rishta talks’ is initiated:
Cruel Reality – This is truth. I did an experiment on one of the leading dating app. After finding a suitable match, he asked about me. I mentioned depression. The response was vague one also mentioned ‘he freaked out’. It is a ‘freaking’ news. Movies and Novels don’t tell us that girls have mental problem, they just say she feels ‘awkward, sad, cranky, devastated’. Sadly, these things are acceptable but mental heath issue isn’t?
4. Some one also told me ‘I don’t look depressed.’:
Dull skin, no glamor, Dark circles. Is this how a depressed person should look? I have a closet full of make up and multiple make up apps. But you’re right, I should put my face on Social media the way I look.
None of these people were wrong. Judging people via their social media is the whole point of social media. We all judge each others post but end up ‘hearting’ it.
My buddies who are getting treated or want to talk about mental health issues don’t be afraid to share. If no one, I’ll be there to ‘heart’ it with no judgement.
This picture in the feature image section is for those who wanted to see if I look depressed or no.
Love Thyself!

3 thoughts on “Shhh! Don’t say Depression

  1. I call that my Performance Stu face. I smile for a picture, get all bright and rosy, and get all the “you look so happy” comments. Pretty much no one really wants to know how I really feel. It is easier than hearing their confusion or slide into platitudes. “It’s not so bad,” etc. No. “You are dismissing how I feel from your POV.” Voicing it, unasked, will either get silence with a hug or a turning away for umpteen million reasons.

    I stopped putting myself out there on dating sites for a while. Esp when many women write of what are “deal-breakers.” I really hate that term.

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