Rant: Judging an Overweight Human

We live in a society wherein an overweight person is judged way too easily and more often than an average sized person.

We do not think twice before making fun of an overweight person. We think it is our birth right to comment on their body and give them tips to lose weight.
We also assume that a person who is overweight is not happy with their weight. Today a very close person told me, “You are not happy in your body. You are just lying to yourself that you are fat and happy about it.” I felt bad about snapping at this person asking, “Who gave you the right to comment on my body or what makes you feel I’m not happy? Why are you assuming it?” The person said sorry and I felt bad about snapping at the person but I also felt bad that just because I’m fat, it gives right to every person to assume I’m not happy with my body.
It is sad the way we treat a fat person. Not every fat person is sick. Not every fat person is lazy.
Some of us are proud of how much we weigh and really love our thick thighs.
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2 thoughts on “Rant: Judging an Overweight Human

  1. I like this. I think that this persons words is something that I think about often myself. I dislike my body. But I have also disliked it so me gaining weight really hasn’t changed anything. But then I look at people who are my size and bigger and wonder if they feel the same way even as they state otherwise. It has taken a long to realize that people can love themselves and they body that they have. My thinking otherwise is just me projecting my own insecurities on to them.

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