There’s always a story

As a kid, I was told, “You’re too quiet and a cry baby.”

As a teen, I was told, “You’re too mature for your age.” I nodded with a smile.
As an adult, I was told, “You are very arrogant, lazy and have an attitude problem.”
As a 30 year old, all I’d like to say back is, “It is none of your Goddamn business.” If you don’t know what’s my story stop assuming it. Ask me.
Don’t tell me how I portray myself, ask me why.
When you ask be ready for a huge story. Don’t expect me to say, “This is the way I am.” I am this way for a reason.
You’d never know someone’s story unless you live it.
Keep Writing! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself! Stay Safe!

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