Reasons not responsible for my depression

A fat person call themselves fat but takes an offence when the world points it out. Don’t take an offence to this statement, I’m a fat person and I can use the ‘term – fat’ to my convenience.

Likewise a depressed person can call themselves depressed but if someone else points it out we retaliate, we fight, we argue and we end up crying. It is just human nature.
Today’s post is for all those people who ASSUME why am I depressed. These are the reasons not responsible for my depression:
1. Being Fat: I’m not depressed because I am not slim and am very fat for my age. Rather I’m fat because I have depression and I tend to eat emotionally.
2. Not beautiful as per the magazine standards: I ain’t the flawlessly looking pretty girl out of the magazine whose hair and teeth are perfect. This however is not the reason for me being depressed. I know I have PCOD, which also means the male hormones in me is higher than the normal, and that results in more hair on my face than my scalp, and believe me – I am okay with it.
3. Singlehood: I have been single for over 2-3 years now and it is the best decision by me. Entering the 30s club and not romantically attached to another human being doesn’t make me depressed.
4. Unemployed: This is not the reason behind my depression, this is the result of depression. I quit my job and took the bold step to take care of my mental health.
5. Being an introvert: I like the indoors. A nice air conditioned room, a hot cup of tea and tonnes of junk food with the possibility of not talking to another human being is a bliss. This makes me an introvert and I’m not depressed because I’m an introvert. I am an introvert maybe because I am depressed.
Back in January, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and further classified to Seasonal Affecting Depression. Some of the events from my childhood triggers during the winters and my depression walks in. I’m on anti-depressants and I am trying to let people know how it feels to be depressed so that people do not ask me questions that triggers me even further.
Above mentioned are the things that did not give me depression, so let’s not assume.
Stay at home! Stay safe! Keep Blogging! Keep reading!

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