The Murder

Maya woke up and felt sick. She started sneezing and decided to call in sick. She couldn’t think of sitting at work with her totally unglamorous running nose and blood-red eyes.

She called up her boss and informed him. She decided to go to sleep again, when she realized she wasn’t alone in the house. Her heart stopped beating. This was her nightmare. She was scared and didn’t know what to do.
She couldn’t see anyone around, but she knew she isn’t alone in this small house. She looked everywhere but it looked empty but didn’t feel like one.
She told herself, “You’re just panicking for nothing.” She drank some water and decided to sleep. This is when she heard a sound. She was definite what it is. She knew she had only one option – save herself.
She spotted her nightmare near the window. “How did I miss it in the first go?”, she asked herself.
With her self defense weapons she decided to attack at it. The culprit wouldn’t stay calm as well, he tried to attack her too. After a 45 minutes battle between them, Maya won.
She still tried to check if she killed it. She realized she was a murderer.
She felt guilty about it but told herself it was self defense and she didn’t want to kill him. He just happened to die.
That night she decided, she will leave this house and go to a better one, where there’s no LIZARDS!
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