New blog on the way!

A quick life update about my completely irrelevant life: I have moved to Pune around 4 months ago and fell sick twice. Additionally, it is time you guys congratulate me for my promotion as an Assistant Manager.

I along with my two girlfriends have decided to go to Goa, the following year and right now my body weight which is 97kgs needs to go down a bit. I do not have a lot of time, but I am still taking baby steps. I have decided to change my eating habits and go for a low carb/keto diet. Also, there is an app that helps you rent out things, so I have decided to rent an air bike that at least reminds me of getting some work out done.

Worse thing is that I haven’t been able to blog a lot, so I am planning to start a basic cooking blog for keto/low carb diet recipes. Instead of a food diary, I am keeping a food blog!

Anyway, will post the blog details here when it is created.

Until then, Ciao!


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