American Dream – Day 1 – A to Z April Challenge

A lot of Indians like Maya had the American dream of being a citizen of the greatest economy of the world.

Maya’s American Dream was on the verge of being granted. She stood there at the grand central station wondering how long she’d come in life. Starting as a mere housekeeping staff of a hotel, she is now going to marry the hotel owner. She had come to the grand central station to pay her respect as she started her life from here.
She was now the Guest Relations Officer in a well known hotel in Manhattan. She was getting married in one day to the hotel owner and was about to become the co-owner of this beautiful place. Her phone rang and it was her fiancé – David was her ticket to the American Dream.
David: Hey babe. Where are you?
Maya: I’m at the Grand Central. On my way to the hotel. What’s up?
David: All the guests have started pulling up. I guess, I’ll need you here to be introduced to my super orthodox family.
Maya: Don’t worry babes, I’m almost there.
Maya disconnected the call and left the station. On her way back to the hotel, she asked her driver, Steve to take the cab to Brooklyn and gave an address. She told herself, “one last time?” She got off the cab and asked her driver to wait while she is back.
She rang the bell of an old apartment. Loud music from inside. The door opened and there was Ciro, the tempting Italian boyfriend Maya had been sleeping with ever since she came to America.
He looked at her and held her by the waist. He pulled her inside while she started kissing him. Biting her lips, almost tearing off her shirt he made sure Maya is naked while he can eat up her whole body.
Maya kept her hand moving around through his hair, while he was kissing her vertical lips. Moaning louder as always, Maya made Ciro look up with more temptation.
4 years and Ciro was still not bored of Maya. He made her cum in his mouth while he came up kissing her again. His strong body against her curvy body. She could feel his strength touching her inner thighs.
She held him close and started biting his shoulder, marking her territory. She could feel that his manhood was making its way into the entrance of her cave.
She moaned while kissing him and allowed the entry. He made rough love to her wanting her to not leave at all.
Ciro: Tesoro?
Maya: It’s all happening tomorrow. It’s all gonna end today.
Ciro: Nothing will change and you know it.
Maya: It’s against my principles darling and you know it.
Ciro: Amore, you know he will have his lifestyle even after marriage. Why do you want to suffer?
Maya: That’s how I function. As per my Indian culture, I’m not supposed to be with any other man except my husband. I take it seriously.
Ciro: But you know I love you more than him. You know I can’t give you the life you want and you know you and David have an agreement.
Maya: I’ve got to leave.
She looks at the torn shirt and grabs his jacket from the nearest closet. She zips herself and runs towards the door kissing Ciro the final goodbye.
Tears rolling down her cheeks, she sits in the cab. Her driver looks at her from the rear view mirror and asks, “Are you okay?” Maya replies, “Yes Steve. It’s all over now. Can we go towards the hotel and stop at a boutique, I need to grab a shirt.”
She enters the hotel with a big smile and bridal glow. She meets David’s orthodox family who loves Maya.
David introduces Maya to all his guests, his hand constantly on her waist. Kissing her when they’re alone but in the public eye. David and Maya walk up to their room and Maya throws her phone and purse on the bed.
David: Babes, you think things will go as planned?
Maya: Don’t worry. No one would ever know.
David: Was he okay?
Maya: Steve? Yeah he is holding it up. You need to talk to him to stay strong.
David: Steve loves and trusts you babe. Do you think we can speak to him, together?
Maya calls up her driver and asks him to come to their room.
Steve: Yes?
Maya: Steve, you know he loves you more than anything. We need to do this for the hotel, for David.
Steve nodded and looked at David: Maya it’s not him that I’m worried of. He won’t stray. I know his parents are orthodox and he will be kicked off the whole business if he tells them he is gay. I’m okay with he marrying you. But what kills me is you being so hurt.
Maya: Steve, baby, it’s not killing me to marry David. It was my American dream that he is fulfilling. I get to be the citizen, the Co-owner to the hotel and I remain best friends with my best friend.
David: He is referring to your sexual needs babe. We know you take the vow of marriage too seriously. We don’t want you to be frustrated while you are helping me.
Maya kisses David and Steve on their cheeks and says, “I’m fine. You two now need to get out so that I can start getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.”
Two months later.
Maya becomes Mrs. Maya David Marino, the co-owner and an American citizen.
She is in her room when David enters and says, “I’ve got a surprise babes.” Maya looks at him while brushing her hair. It’s time that the new co-owner of Marino Luxuries has a body guard. This is Ciro, your new body guard. He stays with you every time you go out.”
Maya looks at David and then sees Ciro appearing from the door behind. She looks at David again and says, “No it’s not possible.”
David: The vow is to keep your partner safe and happy. The vow is to not break their heart. You are letting me keep my heart intact. Don’t you think, I need to fulfil my vows too?
Maya: What about the media? What about your family?
David: No one would ever know. You can’t live a lie even in the back of your room, can you?
Things remained unchanged for years. Maya and Ciro also had their daughter who was obviously the heir of the Marino family.
David and Steve had a strong relationship with each other. Ciro was promoted as the head of security for Marino Luxuries.
Their arrangement was never questioned or came out in public.
Maya’s American Dream was fulfilled as long as she was alive.
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