Understanding the human brain – Rant – 1

There have been many instances wherein I have given direct rather than subtle hints on the fact that I may need HELP.

The question I have been asking myself is “When I realized, I need help, why did I expect someone to actually help me? Why couldn’t I help, myself?”

The only logical reason behind it is, the way our human mind works. Most of us have grown up in a familial environment, where we have people to take care of us. As an eight year old, did we reach out for the phone to fix an appointment with the doctor when we had terrible tummy pains? We approached our families.

Likewise, when our minds are affected we seek for help from our family. We need someone to tell us don’t worry the doctor or the medicine will cure you.

Think of depression, anxiety or any other mental illness as a normal illness. Yes, as a patient, I may not be able to tell someone the exact spot that’s hurting when the sickness is in the mind, like I’d for a tummy pain.

There are times when I feel that I’m assuming that I’m depressed, I haven’t approached a doctor yet. I am scared that if I go to a doctor and tell them this is how I feel, they might just say “It’s no big deal.”, however, I’d know it is a big deal because there is something that isn’t right. Something needs to be fixed, if it is not my mind then it has to be the world around.

All this might sound as blabbering, but yes lack of sleep and overdose of caffeine may have such effects.

Love Thyself!


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