Single BFF vs Married BFF

This one was long due, wasn’t it?

My best friend got married last year in November and it was one of the happiest day of my life. Why?
She literally married the love of her life despite of all the lemons thrown at them by life. I was so proud of my girl whose life motive at one point was to get married and she did it her way. She had the dreamy mehendi dress, traditional haldi ceremony and the most modern court wedding with a ‘no crying’ bidaai. She was happy, I was happy and I guess the groom was happy too. He better be.
As y’all have known how laid back I’ve been with blogging due to work but I thought this post is long due and chaoticsoulzzz needed some content.
Here’s how your life change after your BFF is married, mind you – she is the only human you consider as a friend.
1. Watching movies
Single BFF – You just need to whatsapp her and tell her that y’all are going for a movie and she’ll be ready, without any further question. There are times when she’d watch a movie twice, once with you once with her boyfriend.
Married BFF – You need to ask them if they are free on the weekend. The answer to which won’t be in your favor, most of the times. Not that she doesn’t want to, but there’s house responsibility. Remember, one of you has now started to mature and is taking care of a house and some human beings.
2. Dinner
Single BFF – She end up at your place or y’all end up having dinner at a restaurant for two hours and the restaurant will have to force the bill up your throat because y’all never have enough time to talk.
Married BFF – If your BFF is now adulting and has her ‘own’ house with her husband and no in-laws, dinner could be at her place. No restrictions and filter on the quality and quantity of talking. All this, if the husband decides to stay out for the night.
3. Mom comparisons
Single BFF – My mom used to compare me to my BFF in terms of how good of a girl she can be when it comes to discipline and waking up on time.
Married BFF – My mom now compares me to my BFF in terms of ‘she is 28 and married. You are 28 and still an effing child who doesn’t know how to take care of a house. When will you grow up?’
4. Quality of Gossips
Single BFF – Me and confused soul used to gossip about mythology, unreliable men, hatred for love, sex and its benefits, Bollywood etc. when she was unmarried.
Married BFF – Most of the gossip revolve around married life stuff: in-laws, husband, household chores, marital sex.
5. Relationship advice
Single BFF – A single BFF gives you the best advice, the advice you want to hear when your heart is broken. She will say things like ‘leave him’, ‘eff his behavior’ ‘don’t let him take you for granted’. Unfortunately, these advices were given by me, most of the times to her.
Married BFF – Now that she is married you can’t give these rash advices and have to really filter and make sure you don’t use the following terms – ‘divorce’ and ‘leave him’. Also, the advices from her would route towards you getting married. Arghh!
6. Sex
Single BFF – The talk on sex used to be fun and educational with a single BFF. Tips on contraception and safe sex used to win any conversation.
Married BFF – She hates it but I love to ask her if she is anytime getting pregnant soon. The sex talk is now more like, “How many times a week, do y’all manage?” or my favourite topic, “Are these Google blogs on sex after marriage true?”
7. Us time
Single BFF – Us time was easily available with no restrictions.
Married BFF – Honestly, you want to keep yourself away from her so that she can be the ideal wife and daughter-in-law that it sometimes feel okay to lose the ‘us time’.
No matter, if my BFF is married or no, she is always available for me. I, on the other hand keep myself distant from her only because, I know she will dedicate her time for me if she has to and that would reflect not so well with her husband (who already dislikes me) and her in-laws.
What are your thoughts on married vs single BFF? Comment.
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