Chapter 30 | It’s Over

Maya woke Deva up and asked, “Did we?” He smiled and said,

“No babes, we didn’t. I am not into you that way, so chill.” Maya felt a weird relief. Deva said, “I am actually attracted to you but not in the sexual way, it is your intelligence that turns me on to know you more.” Deva continued, “Breakfast?” Maya nodded in a No and said, “I should leave. I need to get back to my ‘Life’.” “Shiv”, said Deva. Maya looked puzzled and Deva uttered, “That’s the only name you said last night. You love him, why don’t you call him.” Maya sat on the bed and said, “Order breakfast.” Deva smiled and called room service. Maya told the entire New York incident to Deva and waited for his reaction. Deva took a sip of the chai and said, “Misunderstanding ruins a lot of things.” “You should tell him clearly that you and the boss have nothing going on. Also, you should forgive him for being hurt and getting drunk and forgetting about how will you go to the hotel room. I mean come on, he was hurt too.”

Maya looks at him and fills her mouth with all the fries and tells Deva, “I don’t have his number on this phone. I will call him, once I reach Pune.”

Deva waits for Maya, while she packs her bag in her hotel room and drops her till the bus stop. Maya tells him, “Thanks for keeping me safe and listening to me.” Deva hugs Maya and says, “Stay in touch. Shout outs are on the way.”

Maya smiles and boards the bus. She reaches Pune and opens her door and sees Shiv sleeping on the couch. She smiles and tears rolls off her cheeks. ‘I so want to call him clingy, but I love this man’, she tells herself. She sits on the couch next to him and runs her finger through his hair.

He wakes up to her touch and hugs her. He cries like a baby and says, “I am sorry. I didn’t want to doubt you, I don’t doubt you. I simply love you way too much.” Maya cries too and hugs him back.

She takes him to the bedroom and kisses him softly. While his tears continue to roll, she kisses him again, unless he responds. Maya takes the lead this time and makes soft love to him. Shiva sighs when he is done and Maya smiles and lies next to him. She says, “I never would cheat on you, not knowingly. I love you way too much for that.” Shiv reaches for his jeans from the floor and takes out the ring from the pocket and rolls it in her fingers again and says, “Never, ever break up with me.” She cries and kisses him again and says, “Never.”

She calls up her mom and says, “Ma, I am ready to get married to Shiv. We are coming home in a week.” Her mother had no words for the news she just heard and says, “I will get the preparation started.” Maya says, “Do nothing. We will come there and get things sorted. Tell papa not to take any other loan for my marriage. We have this taken care of.” Shiv smiles and kisses her forehead while calling his own mother to give her the good news.

There were ample of other episodes that happened during and after the wedding, but together Maya and Shiv took care of everything.

This is the end of The Runaway Writer. Working on something new and erotic.

Until then, Ciao.


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