Unspoken Words

Maya was scrolling down her social media page, when she heard a message beep ring.

She looked at the small icon with the person’s image popping on her screen. She was stunned.

Excitedly, she replied to the ‘Hey’. She couldn’t believe that he would message, not in this lifetime. They started chatting. Maya always felt different chatting with him. He made her happy and smile.

They didn’t talk about love but about feelings and life. Maya was smiling the whole time, she was chatting. It was as if he was right there, sitting in front of her and talking to her.

He finally shared his phone number and that made Maya believe that he won’t leave this time. She secretly hoped she was correct, but something in her head told her not to hope too much.

There were so many unspoken words that were shared.

The conversation ended but Maya kept smiling until she slept!

She loved the feeling of just some minutes of chat with him, and he was not her boyfriend.

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