Best Friend vs Bride to be – 1

“A friend is the one with whom you share some really good memories, a best friend is the one with whom you have lived those memories.”

My connection with my best friend ‘Lost Soul’ has been too long than a decade to be described in words. She and I have done some terrible things together (Don’t get the wrong thoughts hit your head right now, there’s no explicit story to be discussed here). It is a fact that we have been inseparable since quite some time now.

We have now reached a stage in our lives wherein our families are okay with us getting married (Again, don’t take your mind to the bedroom). Even though our families are okay with we getting married, we girls love guys. Our love for each other has no bound, but for survival and taking further the legacy of our families, we girls will marry guys.

Currently, it is her, who is in love and is living her childhood dream, a dream to become a bride, a dream to become a wife. When I met this soul, a decade ago and asked about her aspirations, she said she wants to become a great home maker. I was judgemental at first, because I never heard anyone in my life say that before. Marriage is a secondary thing in my family, primary goal is getting a career. Eventually, I tried to mould her mind to become career oriented as me, but look where we are, still working in BPOs.

Finally my girl has decided to live her life, fulfilling her primary goal which was on the side burner for a while. She found her life partner and is marrying him.

I am happy but the next post wouldn’t be a happy one. Best friend getting married is a mixed bag of emotions for me. I’m happy for her but really concerned about us.

The next post is coming in a while, until then Ciao!

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Love Thyself! Love Thy Best Friend, more!


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