A Myth: Best friend likes the bride’s choice of guy

Love and friendship are two things that can change your life for the good or worse.

I love my best friend, but loving her partner is not on my agenda. This is the second post from the series ‘Best Friend vs Bride to be’.

I have my own reasons to not like my best friend’s soon to be husband. I know it is mandatory for the soon to be husband and the best friend of the bride to be very good friends. I also know that it is the dream of the bride to see her best friend and husband to be on the same team, but in reality it cannot happen.

Here’s the post on why does the best friend doesn’t like the choice of the bride to be:

1. Snatcher:
You guys tell me why would someone like a snatcher. My best friend’s husband to be is snatching away my best friend from me. Why would I like him?

2. Mutual lack of affection:
He (the husband to be) and me (best friend) have the mutual feeling of not liking each other. Now, if I have to try to like him, how can I, if I know he hates me just for being with my best friend? By the way, I know her more than he does, not only in the number of years but emotionally, too.

3. Less TLC:
Except for the bedroom TLC, I have given my best friend more love than him. Isn’t my best friend supposed to love me more than him? He doesn’t know how to handle her when she is drunk or has her mood swings. He doesn’t even know what shit she has gone through in life. Most importantly, he doesn’t and can never love her more than I do!

4. It is serious:
Lastly, a best friend knows the marriage thing is permanent and that b*¥ch you love is pretty serious about this one. How is she supposed to like this guy?

Honestly, if your best friend and husband to be, say they like each other, believe me there are two realities you should accept:

A. The guy doesn’t love you as much, you think he does

B. Your best friend is not your best friend, trust me!

I’m sorry to hate the bubble for all the bride’s to be if your bff and husband to be said they like each other. It is a myth.

Next post coming up soon!

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