Food Escapade: Goan

In the month of May, me and my best friend aka The Lost Soul decided that we will try different cuisines for the remaining of 2018. Why is it a big deal?

We both are a great lover of comfort, hence deciding to eat something new or outside our comfort zone is a great deal.

Last week, we went to this Authentic Goan Restaurant in our locality. A small restaurant with an interesting decor. When someone says, “Goan food!” my eyes lit up thinking of the amazing sea food.

When we saw the menu, we were totally confused because every item in there sounded like so Goan! We finally asked the owner for his suggestion for starters. He recommended a lobster dish and we were excited.

It was an interesting way to make lobster with a lot of filling. Did we like it? We totally judged it. It smelled like fish, so yeah it was a low point there. The next we knew that we want to have Neer dosa for main course. This time we played safe and ordered a chicken item – Chicken Xacuti, a Goan delicacy.

This time we were content. The chicken gravy had light spices went very well along with the neer dosa.

All in all the experience was a good one!

Next – we are planning to go for a breakfast buffet!

Please give us some great suggestions in the comment below.

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