Mysterious Girl

Everyday was different for Tanya. New hotel, New men and new name. Tanya, a top level escort lived in a posh locality of Mumbai and worked as a freelance escort.

Her clients booked for her services in advance. Tanya received a notification on her phone with the details of her companion for the next two weeks. Someone booked her for a business trip that included flying outside the city.

Unlike other escorts, sex wasn’t the only service Tanya gave to her clients. She literally escorts them to all the parties, business trips and is like a best friend they need when they need to talk.

Tanya looked at the details in the email and picked up her black carry on and luggage bag accordingly. The email precisely said, it is a business trip in Bangalore. Tanya packed up her formals that included a lot of skirts and tops and a small bag of special lingerie nightwear. She kept her gadgets on charge and downloaded the episodes of her favorite shows. She also downloaded a few ebooks, just in case she has to read some.

She left her home for the airport in a can that was pre-booked by her client. She wore a black dress that touched her knees. It wasn’t too tight or too loose, it hung around just right. She reached the airport and completed her security checks.

She waited at the coffee shop in the airport for her client. A young guy aged 30 stood by Tanya and said, “Tanya? Is that your real name?” Tanya took a sip of the coffee and looked around. She was stunned to see her best friend Ashish and said, “Usually it is dofferent, for this trip, I am supposed to use Tanya as my documents are now in that name.” She shook hands with him and said, “Are you Mr. Bangalore?” Ashish had a serious face and said, “Sadly for you, yes it is me.”

Tanya kept a calm and professional face and took another sip of her coffee. Ashish said, “Should I call you Tanya or Tanisha?” Tanya looked at him and said, “Now that you know it is me, how does it matter?”

Ashish irritatingly said, “Why?” She said, “I was too young to ever realize what was wrong or right!” Ashish looked at the board in front of him and checked his boarding pass and said, “That’s us.” Tanya looked at him and asked, “Do you still want to continue with this trip?” Ashish looked around and held her hand and said, “I knew it before I booked your services.”

The entire 2 hours in the flight was a quite one. They reached the airport where a black car was waiting for them. Tanya sat in the car and Ashish sat next to her and said, “I have a meeting in the next 1 hour which will go on for 2 hours, post which there’s a party and I would like you to accompany me there.”

He continued, “The car will drop me at the office and then drop you at the hotel. The hotel manager will show you the room…” Tanya interrupted him and said, “I know the drill Mr. Singh. Red dress or Black?” Ashish bluntly said, “Surprise me.” Tanya felt like a slap on her face.

She never thought she has to become an escort for her best friend whom she loved. She reached the hotel and took a long bath. She cried until she was tired and started getting ready.

She knew this will be the worse two weeks of her life and Ashish won’t be her friend ever again. She was ready and she put on her fake smile face to escort Ashish at the party. She took the lift and reached the lobby and saw Ashish waiting for her.

“Ahhh, there she is.” Ashish said loudly when he saw Tanya coming. “Meet my girlfriend Tanisha Roy.”, exclaimed to an elderly man standing with Ashish. Tanya who is now addressed by her real name – Tanisha, smiles at the old man and shakes his hand.

The old man a business associate of Ashish was a warm company. The three of them rode together to the party where Ashish drove the car and Mr. Paul sat next him, while Tanisha sat behind. She was in her own world. In such situations she would usually message Ashish saying how she felt incomplete or scared, but today she couldn’t do that.

The party was more or less a business affair and they all parted with a laughter except for Tanisha, who walked slowly towards the exit. Ashish held her hands and said, “We shall now leave for the hotel.” Ashish who was drunk wanted to drive. Tanisha told him, “You can’t drink and drive, for God’s sake!” Ashish yelled, “And who the hell are you to tell me that? My girlfriend, my best friend or my bitch?” Tanisha, took the car keys from him and threw it in her purse. She booked a cab from her phone. Ashish was too drunk and upset to talk to Tanisha and he stood quietly while the cab arrived. Tanisha helped Ashish get in and was patient until the hotel arrived. They reached the room and Ashish looked at Tanisha who yelled on the top of her voice, “Did you book me and my services to humiliate me? You knew I’m an escort, right? You could’ve just broken our friendship and moved in. Why do this?”

Ashish told her, “All my life, I thought how come you never get upset or cry. How can you always be so happy! I was jealous of you until the time I saw you at Hyatt few weeks ago with an old man. I was hurt Tani.”

Tanisha sat on the sofa behind her with her hand on her face and said,” I cry every single night. The only time I used to be happy was when I was woth you or alone. Now you have ruined that too. I can no longer look at you and feel the same. You are now my client and I will never get my best friend again.”

Ashish sat next to her and said,”You think it is easy for me? I made calls to cancel all your appointments from the time I saw you with that man and because it was not easy to cancel all your appointments I booked it for the next two weeks and tomorrow will book you for the whole month and then the whole year.” Tanisha still embarrassed with the whole situation sat on the sofa and tears fell from her cheeks on her thighs.

Ashish looked at her and said,”I’d love to book you for the rest of your life, if that’s how I can get you.” Tanisha felt disgusted because Ashish was proposing her but by booking her services. She fake smiled at Ashish and said, “Fine. For now just sleep.”

Ashish hugged her and passed out on the sofa. Tanisha packed her bags and left the room and never returned to Ashish. She secretly sold her old apartment. Ashish never knew where she went and booked new escort every night, hoping to meet Tanisha or Tanya again.

He still didn’t find her. He is now termed as a ‘womaniser’ for the new girls he is seen with every night. He never touched any other woman but still feels he will meet Tanisha again.

Isn’t he degrading Tanisha yet again by searching for her in the escort servicing companies? Isn’t this the reason Tanisha left in the first place?If Ashish proposed her the other right by showing her the ring he had bought for her, would things be different? If Tanisha could change her documents once, can she do it again to something else? Has she gone back to her normal life with a new name or she restarted her life?


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