To be honest, coping up with the A to z blog challenge and being on a vacation is a lot of hard work. I do feel sometimes that I should give up my challenge for the year but then some idea strucks me and I wrote about it. This year there is ABSOLUTELY no content in my challenge but I’m still writing.

Today’s story is about Karma.

Uma, a 25 year old, bubbly girl loved a guy named Abhishek. She knew that Abhishek had two other girlfriends but he promised her that she would get the love she needs. Uma was the dream girlfriend of any guy who believed in Polygamy.

There came a time in Abhishek’s life when the other girlfriends broke up with him and he had only Uma left in his life. She supported Abhishek to go through all hardships and ill talking the other girls had to say about him.

She loved Abhishek and portrayed her love. Abhishek now knew that Uma is the only one that he deserves in life. He felt content and told Uma to marry him. She was happy and said yes.

One night, Abhishek saw a dream in which Uma was getting cozy with other guys. He woke up all sweaty and called up Uma. Uma who was fast asleep, didn’t receive the call and saw it in the morning. ’34 missed calls and 25 texts’. Uma was a little worried, she called up Abhishek and he received the call in the first ring. “Where are you?” she said, “home”.

Abhishek demanded to meet her immediately. He told her about his dream and she laughed. She said, I do not believe in polygamy. Don’t worry I am just yours.

They got married in a year from this incident, however, Abhishek still has the dream of Uma being with other men, or was it all real?


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