Forever Friends|A to Z Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 | Letter: F

It was a rainy day and the first day of college. Meera was sure she would never fit in this college. She believed that she would never make friends in this college and her 5 years of life will be wasted with no friends, just like school. “Excuse me…” said a voice from the back, Meera turned around to see who it was.

Baani was a simple looking girl and the first thing Meera noticed about her was how skinny she is, as compared to herself. The next thing Meera told herself was ‘She is definitely a South Indian.’ The girl asked Meera if she can sit beside her. Meera nodded in a yes, with no intention to talk to this stranger.

Meera being the first bencher loved the fact that the teachers loved her and that she knew all the answers. Meera was also very confident about her communication skills. Meera judged every person in this college including this new girl sitting next to her. They both introduced themselves and Meera being the over-confident one, asked Baani, “You are a South Indian, right?” Baani, the polite speaker said, “No. I am a Bengali!!”

Meera had the whole dramatic reaction because she was guilty of judging Baani being a South Indian for her dark skin and amazing hair. “Hey, I am Bengali too.” Meera smiled in a very long time. It was the whole Bong connection that made Meera happy for a minute. Baani on the other hand had already guessed that Meera was Bengali and didn’t have the similar reaction. She said, “I know”.

Meera made it very clear to Baani that she doesn’t know to speak Bengali and they must never speak in the language. Baani smiled awkwardly because no Bengali ever says that they don’t know the language. This was Baani’s first.

They were both poles part with their likes, dislikes and behavior. Months and years passed by, these two were inseparable. They were like the ‘couple’ who bring out the best in each other. Meera told Baani about the ugly truths about her family and they became friends. The only reason they both came to college was because they wanted to see each other and make some amazing memories.

As kids, they were both bullied for being the ‘weird’ kinds. Things like bullying, depression, stress got these two closer. Their families met and these two friends were then termed as best friends. Everyone knew that these two names can never be separated.

They have been friends for years with many fights, many tears, a lot of drunk and awkward parties, but separating these two was impossible. They decided to have a friendship pact that said, “Nothing is more important than the other and they will never leave each other’s side.”

These two were the best examples people could give about best friends.

Writer’s note: Why did I write this post? I was lacking with the A-z challenge content and had to write something for Day 6. The only thing that came to my mind was my friendship with Shrabani and hence, this was written. Though it lacks content and the feel of the short story, but this story is like reliving my college days with Shrabani which were the best days.

This blog post is a part of the A-z challenge. Thank you for being a part of the reading spree and I hope to see you all for the remaining days and beyond. Do leave your blog’s link below in comments and I will definitely peek into your blogging world.

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Love Thyself!


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