Little Adventures

I am not at all an adventurous soul.

I love being laid back and sticking to the routines. My entire life, I have had many people whom I have known but when it comes to going out, I have been with Shrabani and everywhere Shrabani went.

I have also been dreaming about a tattoo, but never had the courage to actually get it done.

2018 has been a little different for me, till date. Here’s a list of some things I have done, this year beyond my usuals:

1. I have had new people in my life and some of them can be termed as friends. This is a big thing for me. I don’t usually make friends and new ones like a task for me.

2. I have been on three trips already. Including a beach near to my place, but with ‘new people’.

3. I got my ears pierced. HUGE NEWS!

4. Serving my notice period. I am breaking my record of not serving notice period, by actually serving it.

5. Searching for a new job, before I get over with the current one. I have always been a reckless one, when it comes to jobs, but this time, I am being the responsible one.

6. Planned a vacation, already. I am off to Kolkata, as a tourist in April, just after my birthday.

So far these are my adventures. Might really sound very ‘meh’, but it means a lot to me and people close to me, would totally agree on this one.

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Love Thyself!


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