4 Mean Things said by my Mom

A mother and daughter relationship is indeed a very special one. As a kid, my mother loved dressing me up and clicking my pictures.

Now that I’m all grown up, we have a very different relationship. I am her best friend. She loves talking to me and so do I. She is my gossip partner and trust me she has the best of gossips.

There are times when things are bitter between us like any other relationship and they get so bad that she is savage AF.

These are the 4 most mean things my mom has ever told me:

1. Oh yes your friends know you better, don’t they? 11 years of friendship is obviously more than 27 years of handling you…!

2. Please go with your friends, with whom you spend every other weekend, partying and talking about guys. That’s way more important than going to the bank with me, for the money I’m gonna chip in ‘our’ family vacation.

3. I’m indeed the best maid, ain’t I? I wash your clothes and buy them for you, as well.

4. Oh my, you are very tired after work. Let’s see what all did I do…? Ummm, came from work, cooked a whole meal for you and your lazy brother, washed clothes, packed your tiffin and made sure the house is not a mess, as you left it. But I guess that’s not enough as compared to what you’ve been through at work.

P. S. There are 4 things mentioned above because, I wasn’t able to think anything further.

Despite of all of this, I love her and I know for a fact she is going to be around, everytime I need her.

What’s the best sarcasm your mom has thrown on you?

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Love Thyself!


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