Trip to Shirdi

Shirdi, the shrine of Sai Baba has always been closest to me. As a kid my dad used to take us to shirdi, once, every month. I always believed that Shirdi is my second home.

My daddy was a great follower of Sai Baba and when my daddy left us, I stopped going to Shirdi, thinking that Sai Baba took my father away from me.

As and when time passed, I became more liberal with Shirdi and took my mom there, every chance we got.

Shirdi is around 240 kms away from Mumbai. It is a part of Maharashtra. I am sure you all can Google about Shirdi’s geographical details.

In 2018, my first trip was on 26th January to Shirdi with my mom and younger brother. The climate in Shirdi was way better than Mumbai and it felt like a vacation.

There’s something bad in every good.

On our way to Shirdi, there was a creep sitting behind me. I, being the normal self, wore a sleeveless tshirt with jeans. People who know me, know that, I am pretty comfortable with my sleeveless tshirt and don’t really appreciate people ogling at my bare fat hands or my deep cleavage, if anything is visible.

The creep sitting behind us was a young lad of around 30 years. Honestly, if he wasn’t a creep, he was kind of cute.

I was sitting with my brother and suddenly felt someone standing behind me. I turned around and this creep was shamelessly lusting over my huge assets. I looked at him, but he didn’t stop looking. I asked him what’s his problem, that’s when he sat down.

The entire trip was pretty much the same and my mom constantly telling me to wear my jacket, that I did.

This made me wonder, we all are going to a holy place. A Saint is worshipped here blindly by a huge population of India and the men who will be standing in the line to worship this Saint are in reality acting like Sinners.

I told my mom loudly enough that the pervert could hear, “I don’t care if he gets some happiness looking at me. I am not covering up myself in this scorching heat.”

I am glad I didn’t see this man again in my entire trip.

The trip was impeccably awesome except for the pervert part.

I stayed at the hotel my dad used to take us. I shopped a lot. Moreover I got the much needed break from work.

My next trip is lined up. I hope it happens. Fingers crossed!

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Love Thyself!


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