The Silent Best Friend

Maya was low and missed something in her life. It wasn’t a new experience for her to feel low and depressed. The switch in her brain flipped on and off, on its own.

She was on her phone and she knew her girl best friend is currently busy sorting out her own messy life and didn’t want to bring her down with her own emotions. These were the days she missed that one person. This person was barely a friend when she met him. She liked his aura and was friends with him when she was pretty young.

He wasn’t so much of a love interest, but she has had feelings for him. These feelings over powered the feelings she had for all her boyfriends. Maya didn’t want to spoil her friendship with this guy for a random crush she has on him.

Days like these when she felt low, depressed and blue, all she wanted was a chat with him. He wasn’t available for her in person because he is a ‘Mystery man’. He was the one who disappeared in the crowd of the city, but was always looking out for her.

Maya picked up her phone and searched for his name on Facebook and messaged him, “Hey”. She expected to hear from him soon, but she knew deep inside, he wouldn’t reply. She still wanted to talk to him and tell him everything she was feeling at the time.

She scrolled up on the messenger and read their chats from one year ago and smiled. He was right, he always made her smile. She also knew that he is sitting somewhere reading all of her Facebook posts and blog posts.

Maya smiled and she thanked her silent best friend who was out there somewhere and helped her to get out of her depression, even when he is not around.

This story is dedicated to a very special friend of mine and if you are reading this, “Could you just get back in touch??? I kind of miss you, terribly at times!”

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself and your friend!


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