Things That Makes Any Woman Furious

Women are generally compared to being the one who needs anger management. Some women are short tempered and that’s absolutely fine.

If you are a man reading this post, you should know what to avoid turning her into her grumpy self; if you are a woman reading it, should know what to avoid turning her into her grumpy self.

Yeah, gender equality – remember to avoid these things which will really blow out her mind (in a bad way, of course).

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  1. Body Shaming her:

No one would like being body shamed. I mean come on, we are all in the 2017 now and we are well aware that every person has their unique body type. Honestly, you need to be cool with it and don’t piss her off!

  1. Over-sleeping while not letting her sleep:

Sleep is life, I get it – but there are some women who cannot sleep and they do not appreciate the fact that they are up and waiting for you while you are dreaming about food in your sleep. It is annoying for them!

Plus, if a woman is the type who tends to oversleep – just don’t wake her up, because that is going to make her mad AF.

  1. Not replying to her texts:

This one’s a basic hygiene issue. A woman expects a reply to her text in 30 second from the time she sent you the message. I am not kidding about this one.

Personal event – I used to get mad angry when my ex didn’t reply to my texts and my best friend gets annoyed, when I don’t reply to hers.

  1. Going out with your ‘other friends’:

This woman could be your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister or best friend. If you make plans with your friends or with ANYONE ELSE apart from this woman, she will be royally heated. If this woman doesn’t have a social life, it is best for you to not have one too or else ‘someone’ will be upset and fuming for a very long time.

  1. Ask her if it is ‘that time of the month’:

Scientifically speaking, ‘that time of the month’ exists only for 4 to 5 days and if you use this phrase when she is not ‘red’ down under, she will definitely be portraying a red face.

I mean seriously, it is offending if someone tells you that, “You are angry because you are on your periods”, when you are actually not on your periods. Period!

  1. Ask her to go out when she is all set to ‘Netflix and chill’:

I will snap at anyone, who can see that I am just in my ‘Netflix and chill’ mode and yet has the courage to walk up to me and say, “Let’s go OUT for dinner.” No!!!

This is how it works, some women function in a way that going out for a social ‘anything’ is nothing but a waste of time for them. They love their own company or simply are not used to ‘groups’. Such women LOVE their ‘Me Time’ which is either them sleeping or watching Netflix. Either way, you are going to piss her off talking about ‘Going Out’.

  1. If you click a picture of hers when she is not at her best:

There is a huge process that we women follow before we get ourselves clicked. If you try to be adventurous and ‘candid’, please drop the plan!

You really don’t want her to see a picture of hers on your phone, in her pyjama and no prep done.

Na Na – This is a BIG No!

Ah well! This is about it. These are the real things that make any woman angry. Believe me; this comes from a woman who has been effing angry all her life!

Grumpy Bye for now!

Do let me know in the comments the things that make YOU angry!

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