Is it the job or the company?

It isn’t safe to be without a job.

It isn’t safe to be in a job that brings out the worse in you.

If a person is finding themselves in the middle of these two statements, then you’ll are the one who will understand me and this post.

I am a full time email support associate. How cool right? A blogger who gets to write emails as a profession. I thought of it as fun in the beginning, as well, however it turned out to be the quite the opposite.

I love my job, it’s just this company that I guess is getting on my nerves. I know lately, all my posts are nothing but rants and me cribbing about my life or my work. Unfortunately, this is the only thing going on in my head at the moment.

I have this weird feeling, emotion sort of thing inside of me, that is asking me to run away from all the things that’s making me negative. Know running away from problems is not the solution and a lot of movies and books say that we need to face our fears. This one is not my fear in particular.

An official of the company is picking on me for things tha is not done by me. It is possible that he is right when says I need to improve my writing skills. Everyone needs to improve.

However, when working for an organization that follows the rule book and the resolution to the clients should go on the basis of the rule book, I don’t think the writing here needs to improve.

If i tell you ‘NO’ or if I tell you ‘At the moment, weare unable to do this for you, but in the future…’ it means the same and you being the client won’t be happy with it. I have had 5 jobs in 6 years and I have had issues with the way the management works.

I am sure there has to be something wrong with how I look at thing or is it that the management is wrong in every place?

Anyway, currently I have no option but to deal with the management and suck it up. I hope I don’t take hasty decision, yet again!

Keep Writing! Keep Reading! Love Thyself!


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