Should we judge those who make up stories?

“Making up stories”, is something that is been looked at as a wrong deed. If a guy makes up stories, that doesn’t hurt a being but makes them feel good is that really a bad thing?

In a group of friends, we do have one or two of such people who will make up stories to feel good. There are times that we know THIS certain person is the one who is making up all the stories, but all we do is laugh it off and ignore everything that the person says. Why?
In this ultimately busy life all we need is a moment of happiness. Some people are lucky to have found the happiness and they are the lucky ones. Some people find happiness in work, some in passion; some people find happiness in seeing the others happy. Then there are some who find happiness by making up a story; a story about everything that they don’t have.
These people could be the one who are really sad in life and making up stories gives them a little bit of happiness. We don’t know the back story of any person and yet we judge the most to those who lie or makes up stories.
Some people tend to unfriend such people from their lives only because they lied about having a car or going out to a rocking party and were instead sitting by the window and having tea. So what? How has that hurt you or anyone? When this person said that they have been to the most rocking party, he actually did IN HIS HEAD! That is most important.
There is a possibility that people who are making up stories of being ‘Social’ are so scared and lonely in real life. Plus now that you know that they have been making up stories and have decided to ignore this person, depression is not too far for this person.
We need to understand that not all the fingers are the same. We need to know that when a person is making up stories of going out and rather is sitting at home, they need company and maybe cannot afford the expensive parties.

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Maybe it is the best to stay friends with them or leave them for the good, but do not make fun of them or judge them, because the way I look at it is, “These people – making up stories have a high potential to be the creative head.”
Love People! Stop Judging! Love Thy Neighbour!



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