There are times when I have this feeling, that I am a part of someone’s story who dislikes my character so much, that they have decided not to give me any happy days.

What if I am living in someone’s story? What if a struggling writer is just making up characters and just not ending the story. I mean, come on, you are a writer, you should put some twists in my life.

If I had to write my story, I would’ve been the top writer, earning more than a lakh per month and live in a vacation spot and write more stories!

Genuinely, the frustration level of my work is getting onto me too much. Why does it always happen with me!?!

Though I know I am good at what I am doing, but never satisfied! My heart is never with this 9 hour job. I hope my life story changes for the good, soon!

Until then Ciao!

Written by Chaotic Soul

Ashmita Chatterjee is a Creative Writer/Blogger from Mumbai. She is an Enthusiast, Straight Forward girl who has found joy in Writing Blogs. Ashmita is a Loud Creator of Amazing Blogs, Short Stories and Erotica at Chaoticsoulzzz! She started her blog in 2011. When Ashmita is not being very busy, she can be found Writing, Reading, Eating, or Recklessly Travelling with her loved ones. She is known by the name of @chaoticsoulzzz on her Twitter and Instagram.


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