Am I a character in someone’s story?

There are times when I have this feeling, that I am a part of someone’s story who dislikes my character so much, that they have decided not to give me any happy days.

What if I am living in someone’s story? What if a struggling writer is just making up characters and just not ending the story. I mean, come on, you are a writer, you should put some twists in my life.

If I had to write my story, I would’ve been the top writer, earning more than a lakh per month and live in a vacation spot and write more stories!

Genuinely, the frustration level of my work is getting onto me too much. Why does it always happen with me!?!

Though I know I am good at what I am doing, but never satisfied! My heart is never with this 9 hour job. I hope my life story changes for the good, soon!

Until then Ciao!


2 thoughts on “Am I a character in someone’s story?

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