Life and Death

The more simpler it looks, the more difficult it is. Life is something we take for granted. Do we know how long are we here, alive?

Some incidents in life make us question our existence. Some incidents in life make us wonder, “What if this is it?”

Life is too small to whine. Life is too small to sit and think about what is best for us. Life is too small for regretting the decisions we’ve made. Life is precious and today is the time we all start cherishing it.

This life is ours. We are the only owners of it and we are the only one’s who will decide what decision needs to be taken in our life. If you wish to eat carbs and eat the pizza of the world, go ahead and do it. If you are forced to study commerce and writing is what excites you, go for writing.

That being said about life, the even scarier thing is death.

Death doesn’t arrive with a notification. Death comes to you unexpected. I have seen 99 year old people alive, waiting for death and 23 year olds dying of unexpected disease!

Death comes in a package deal with this Life and no one can analyze when death will visit you and at what age. Death cannot be controlled or stopped, what we can do is live our life to the fullest.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Live and love!


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