Monsoon In Mumbai: Yayy or Nay?

“Mumbai transforms to a different city when monsoon arrives. The hot and humid city suddenly becomes the most beautiful place in the world.” I have heard half the crowd in my office say this. I can’t agree less, but I don’t agree completely.

The South Mumbai, where the ocean is, becomes serene. That place is too photogenic during the monsoon. However, the place that is not South Mumbai is nothing but a mess. Potholes and puddles make lives hell. The never ending traffic during monsoon is a nightmare. The crowded and sweaty train compartment is something one would never wish for. Mosquitoes and worms everywhere would make life hell. On the top of everything are the days when it doesn’t rain after 1 hour of heavy rain – the humidity hits back and in the worse version.

Am I being too negative about it? I am being truthful. I love my city. Mumbai is Home but it isn’t the same place where I grew up. I grew up in the Mumbai where everything was perfect in its own sense. The Mumbai that I am in right now is full of negative spaces.

Sometimes I fear that Mumbai shouldn’t be the next Delhi.

I hope to love Mumbai and see it as it was earlier. I hope to see that Mumbai again.

Until then enjoying the monsoon while I am in my air conditioned room and my windows shut closed.

Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Enjoy!



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