Counting my blessings? 

I had to write today. 

I am half sleepy and exhausted. Work and travel to work and home is killing me. The cabs provided by my company sucks. 

All that said, let’s count my blessings in this post! 

I am truly grateful that I have an effing job that pays the bills. 

Not all the companies in Mumbai provide transport to their employees. 

I am glad that I am in Mumbai x the city of dreams! 

I am also glad that I was able to take out 5 minutes to write this. 

Moreover, I am glad for my life. 

It might not be perfect or luxurious, as it used to be, but it is my life and I have the luxury to make it perfect. 

Blabbering, am I? 

Well, had to publish something today…! 

See you’ll soon… 




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