What’s going on? 

We, the human race, don’t understand the feelings of our fellow beings.

We, the human race, don’t understand the pains the other go through. 

We, the human race, give a damn about everything else that do not associate with us. 

This is what we have become. This is what we are. We are a bunch of emotionless and soul less robots. We don’t even think about our own kids, parents, spouse and friends. 

The worse is that we don’t even think about ourselves. 

There is hate all the way through. Love is now associated with fame, money, success. Love is not just that, is it? We have made love look like the one with horns. 

What has this world come to? We work 5 days a week, some even work for 6 days. We have no time for family, friends and ourselves. We have to keep a schedule for socializing. We have to give reasons to not socialize. We need to think about what others will think of us. We don’t care about what the hell the other person is going through. 

If we keep ourselves happy, the others call us selfish. If we keep the others happy, we call ourselves lonely. 

What is it that the heart needs? 

What is it that will change the world? 

What is it that will bring back the love we lost in finding love? 

Love was always there, we just started looking for it at all the wrong places. 

When will we be free from the slavery of confusion? When will we be free from the chaos that makes us worse? When will we be normal, again? 

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