Chapter 29 | Vacation Goals

It was her second morning in Goa. Maya woke up to room service whom she had informed a night before to wake her up at 8 in the morning. She thanked the room service guy and locked the door. She stood at the balcony and took in the Goa beach breeze. She felt a lot better than her first day here.

The two days in Goa has been her best, she went everywhere drunk and didn’t care about her phone ringing. She had planned her third day as rejuvenating day. She pre-booked a full body massage at some spa near her resort. The massage she opted for was scheduled in the morning and in the spa’s special entrance to a lonely beach.

Maya freshened up and wore her denim shorts and white t-shirt with her blue flip flops. She walked till the spa and spent more than half of her day there. She didn’t stop at just the full body massage. She pampered herself unless she was bored looking at the same faces. Maya left the spa and it was late evening. She decided to have some dinner. She walked up to a shack restaurant and ordered a lot of sea food starter and two beers. Just when her food arrived, a group of Americans entered the shack with one Indian guy. Of course it was Deva.

Maya tried to avoid any eye contact with him. She started sipping on the beer and stuffed her mouth with prawns. Just when she was going for the next sip, Deva parked himself on the chair next to Maya and said, “Hey Miss… What’s up? Remember me?” Maya smiled and took her next sip, a large sip and said, “Yes, the bus guy!” He smiled, “Devashankara Nair… and you are?” Maya smiled and said, “Maya Ghoshal” “No wonder I had this huge crush on you. I love Bengali girls…” Maya nodded and ordered one more beer. Deva said, “Why don’t you join us?” Maya said, “No thanks…” He asked her if she will join them to this party they are going after dinner. Maya asked for the address and told him she will join them after she goes to her room. He asked, “Will you be getting your husband/fiancé?” Maya looked puzzled and he pointed towards her engagement ring. Maya was already two beers down and this out of nowhere guy just reminded her of Shiv. She said, “Ex!!! Got a problem…?” He said, “No problem now!!!” Maya paid her bill and walked till her room and ordered for more beers. She drank until she slept drunk. She ditched Deva’s plan as she wasn’t interested to go to any party with random people.

The next day Maya spent just outside her room on the beach and started reading a new book. She asked her resort reception to arrange for a beach seat with an umbrella for her and small table. She also asked them to get her a large cup of chai. She read all day long and slept on the beach seat in the afternoon. The resort server woke her up and asked if she wishes to go to her room or order some food. She ordered for chicken burgers, coke and a lot of fries. She spent her day eating a lot of carbs, no beer and read the entire book.

In the evening she was getting ready to leave the resort for some Goa shopping, while she bumped into Deva, once again. He was alone this time, with a beer in his hand wearing shorts and t-shirt. He smiled at Maya and said, “We are bumping into each other a lot, aren’t we?” Maya smiled and said, “It’s a tourist place, the odds of we bumping into each other is quite high.” He smirked and said, “You off to…?” She replied, “The market to buy some clothes. I am off to Pune tomorrow.” He said, “That’s sad… Extend your stay. Let me show you Goa like you have never seen before.” Maya looked around and said, “Okay! Sounds good… When?” He looked at his phone and said, “Tomorrow morning, we will start at 7 AM with breakfast?” She nodded in a yes and he gave her his card. The card read: ‘Deva Nair, Travel blogger’. Maya knew she took the best decision in Goa so far.

Maya shopped until she was tired and hungry. She went to a posh restaurant closer to the shopping spot. She asked the restaurant manager to order a cab for her till her resort, after dinner. Maya reached her resort and asked them to wake her up.

She was up and awake before the wake up call. She had some chai and dropped a message to Deva: ‘Hi, Maya Ghoshal here. I will see you at market area by 7 AM.’ Maya took a long shower and blow dried her hair until she was happy. She looked at the time, she still had an hour. She checked her phone and received a message from Deva: ‘All set? Please wear something comfortable. It is a long day – avoid long or short dresses. I will bring the Bullet Bike. Carry your sunscreen it seems to be a sunny day. Avoid shorts as we will be visiting a lot of churches. See you soon.’

Maya was confused and looked at the clothes she purchased the day ago. She picked her own black leggings and the new super loose t-shirt dress she got from Goa. She applied sunscreen all over her body and did her make up before wearing clothes. She kept her make up to minimum and went with kaajal, sunscreen, lip gloss and compact. She took another shower in deo and used a light perfume. She took out the new bag she got from the Goa market and threw in another t-shirt and shorts along with her basic make up stuff and sunscreen. She had purchased a Polaroid camera when she reached Goa. She threw that in along with some Polaroid films. She was dressed and wore her hair up into a messy bun and left the room wearing her flip flops. She ran in the room again to get her wallet and phone.

She took a local cab from the resort to the market area and saw him standing there with his phone clicking selfies. He carried a similar backpack like hers, just a bit huge. Maya was sure he had all his camera equipments in the bag. She smiled at him and wished him good morning and he said, “Let’s grab something to eat? Sandwich?” She nodded and asked him, “So, we both are carrying backpacks, so will it be comfortable sitting on the bike?” Deva looked at the big that were huge but wondered that Maya was right; the comfort would be weird with two bags.  He said, “Let’s figure it out while we are waiting for the breakfast.” They ordered two chicken grilled sandwich that came with a side of French fries.

Deva opened his bag and told Maya, “We can adjust your bag in my bag and then you can hold it while I am riding the bike.” Maya asked him to try it. Maya’s bag perfectly fitted in his bag. They left the breakfast place and Deva took the bike from the parking spot and handed one helmet to Maya and wore the other. He then asked Maya, “Can you be my model for the day?” Maya looked confused and he continued, “I need to cover Goa in a different way and want to publish it on my blog and it would be great to use a pretty face in the photos.” Maya smiled and said, “Well, I will agree only if you promise to give a shoutout to my blog in yours.” He looked puzzled and said, “You are a blogger too?” She nodded and Deva said, “Strange – A blogger without her smart phone and camera. You’re too hurt.” Maya didn’t respond.

They both hopped on the bike and Deva said, “I will give you a shoutout.” He rode towards South Goa that had the heritage Goa. Maya was amazed to see that side of Goa. She took her own time to explore the churches. She was totally unaware that Deva kept clicking her. Deva was amazed with Maya and he started falling for her, the more they rode together.” Maya on the other hand cherished the moment and was excited that she can see Goa.

By 3 PM they were done with the South of Goa and halted for lunch. Deva asked her if she would want a beer. Maya nodded in a no and told him, “Hey I don’t know how to ride this beast, so you also avoid the alcohol.” He laughed and said, “Obviously.” They had pizza and chips for lunch. They drove towards the North Goa and started the beach hopping. By the time they reached Calanghute beach, it was already 8 PM. Deva called someone and said, “Can you please come and get the bike from Calanghute?” There were two men who came and took the bullet.

Maya walked by the beach, while Deva was busy clicking pictures of her. Deva asked Maya, “Dinner?” Maya nodded in a yes and they went to the smallest shack on the beach and ordered a sea food platter with beers. They both were too drunk. Deva took Maya to his room and made her sleep on his bed, while he slept on the couch.

Maya had a terrible hangover in the morning. She woke up to a new room. She was still dressed and saw Deva sitting on the couch with his laptop. She wished him morning and thanked him for putting her up to bed. Deva smiled and Maya said, “I will make a move. Thanks for yesterday. I will go to Pune tonight.” Maya was about to leave after taking a shower and wore the spare clothes she had in her bag.

She hugged Deva and he kissed her. She was taken aback for a while, but then responded to the kiss.



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