Selectively Social

Being anti-social is a thing. A person who is anti-social, doesn’t dislike people who are social, they just find it weird to do it themselves.

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I am an anti-social being and I am very vocal about the fact that I don’t like the company of living beings. That being said, it is not that I hate all living beings. There are a few people and animals that I am affectionate towards. Animals? Just a few dogs with those I have eye-connection. I am not an animal person and I get scared of them very easily. There are a few dogs who give me the comfort look. They look at me and I feel they are saying, “Don’t worry, we are anti-social too… We won’t come running towards you to lick you.” I love such dogs that sit in one place and just stare at me, while I stare back at them.

There are people who ask me, why do I avoid the weekend getting to know each other dinners?

  1. There are people I have to get to know!!! I hate people in real life.
  2. I have to leave my house on a week off.

At this new work place of mine there is a female colleague of mine who is now a ‘friend’ – let me correct myself ‘work friend’ and she asks me every Friday for my weekend plan and invites me with her friends so that I meet new people and meet new guys from her group of friends. Why?

I tell her every week, that I am going to spend my weekend either sleeping or taking multiple naps and writing something, maybe.

I love going out for dinners but only with people I know. I am just selectively social.

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On that note, lets munch on some breakfast and I might go to the parlor today to get my brows done.

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One thought on “Selectively Social

  1. You can be as unsocial as you like, I think – it’s up to you. I would do the same – ie invent reasons to stay home instead. My boyfriend makes me look like Paris Hilton, though – he doesn’t really want to see anyone, ever, but me – and sometimes not even me.

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